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  1. WitchOfDoubt

    Hmm. Given that kind of thinking, I see another answer:
  2. Another solve for DudleyDude! (I considered using ___ + AB, with "clothing" for a clue, but I thought that was too easy.)
  3. (And Thalia, storygirl101, one of your answers is correct.)
  4. Here lies a conductor in reverie grim, In life, he beat me - In the end, I beat him.
  5. WitchOfDoubt

    This might be pedantic, but...
  6. By and large, when you get it, you'll know (with the possible exception of the second, which may be a little obscure.
  7. WitchOfDoubt

    But if that's true, what's the king?
  8. 1. _____ + END 2. _____ + LLIE 3. _____ + E 4. _____ + DY Clues, in no particular order: camoflauge, protect, room, negative
  9. WitchOfDoubt

    I'm going to say...
  10. I assume this isn't a non-metaphorical con artist, like a shell game operator or something. Hmm. Maybe...
  11. jippiidan: Nope plasmid: Nope plainglazed: That almost works! It definitely hits the last verse, and it mostly works for the first. I'll count it as "correct, but not expected." For everyone else:
  12. None of the above. Miss Kitten: Close, but it doesn't work for the last verse.
  13. Another one that's been through a few drafts: My star in the moonlight is white, My star in the sunset is gold, My star shines without making light, My star is unpleasantly cold. A point in a great constellation When seen from below or afar, At night, from a great elevation, I stare from my star to a star. What is my star? (EDITED for improvements to verse and to remove dead giveaway clue.)
  14. (Adding poll.) On the solution:
  15. DudleyDude has it! Well-solved!
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