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  1. I'll give someone else a chance at the winners . I have a theory though...
  2. Glycereine

    Thanks!! I encourage others to do it though without looking, it doesn't take too long but you can make it harder than it should be (I almost did)
  3. Glycereine

    [spoiler='Proof ']First, Q,S,U,W and Y must be even numbers (they are the second digit of numbers that must be divisible by a number with a factor of 2. Therefore the others must be odd. - Y must = 0 as any number divisible by 10. - T must = 5 as any number divisible by 5 must end in 0 or 5 (0 is taken by Y) - U must = 4, for working down, the only number divisible by 6 that starts with 5 is 54 - V must = 9 for the only two numbers divisible by 7 that begin with 4 are 42 and 49, but V must be odd (see top) - W must = 6 as the only number beginning with 9 that is divisible by 8 is
  4. Unfortunately I just don't get what the patches would look like so I guess I'm out on this one.
  5. Additionally you said that likely A and E will die in the first round which is not possible. If E dies in the first round, no one can shoot at A because D has already fired his shot (killing E).
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