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    I assume that they also all get the clue that their numbers are unique.
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    You got it. Well done. I'll post my solutions later.
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    It is a square and please help to provide geometric solution
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    Crocodile Sophism - Back to the Paradoxes A slim crocodile living in Nile took a child. Mother begged to give him back. The crocodile could not only talk, he was also a great sophist, and so he stated: "If you guess (Edited: predict the fate = guess correctly), what I will do with him, I will return him. However, if you don't guess his fate I'll eat him." What statement shall the mother make to save her child (what about a vicious circle ...)?
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    There are two bowls that you and a challenger must eat from. After flipping a coin you were selected to pick the bowl that each would eat from. In the first bowl there are three out of five poisonous apples. In the second bowl, there are two out of five poisonous apples. Whoever eats from the first bowl must eat two apples at random from the bowl. Whoever eats from the second bowl must eat three random apples from the second bowl. Which bowl should you pick to eat?
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    Form a "Triangle" With 10 blocks in its top row, 9 blocks in the next row, etc., until the bottom row has one block. Each row is centered below the row above it. Color the blocks in the top row red, white, or green (or any three colors of your choosing) in any way. Use these two rules to color the remaining rows of the triangle: - If two consecutive blocks in a row have the same color, the block between them in the row below has the same color - If two consecutive blocks in a row have different colors, the block between them in the row below has the third color Tell how you can always predict the color of the bottom block after seeing only the top row (and not constructing the intermediate rows) PROVE your answer.
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    Answer and proof:
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    Revolt. The king is totally corrupt. The concept of justice is perverted. He doesn't deserve to be king. When everyone is lined up, everybody jump the guards and fight your way out. It is better too die on your feet than live on your knees.
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    n factorial (represented as n!) is the product of all positive integers up to n. So the number you are looking for is 1,000,000! ("one million factorial")
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    Right on, PG, and glad you like it. This one I think I'll keep in a Sundae Best collection.
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    I have just created Homework Help forum. I have also started the first topic to list all members willing to help. Read the rules and feel free to ask questions and help others to find solutions/answers. Enjoy!
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    electricity double letters
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    What cannot move but can travel?
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