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The gods were sitting around having a chat, a familiar face walks in and another calls over and says "Hey were have you been? I hav'nt seen you for nearly a week".

Oh I've been making a planet.

What - again! Don't you find it boring? and it took you all this time!

This one is special. I made night and day, land and sea, different variety of plants and animals - so many, many varieties from insects to birds, fish to mamals. and to top it all I have made MAN in our own image. I call it Earth

Blimey! No wonder you were gone so long. Can I go ther and take a look?

Sure, but be careful, you are a god and what you do may have a great affect on the rest of that world.

After a long day on the planet the two gods catch up again.

How did it go!

I have to say you have surpassed yourself this time - no doubt about it. The colours, the shapes. the various animals and plants - WOW! And the women - WOOOW!! You put some hot babes down there!

But you did't revel yourself to them did you?

Don't worry I was careful, I was the perfect image of a human. But I could not resist one of the women on the beach.

Oh no! Then what did you do!

After all that passion I went and washed myself in the sea!


:o ! Now all the fish will smell!
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