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As promised or as threatened, even I cant tell for sure.

Solve the couplets below then a twist will tell you more.

Spare me, please, take it easy before you again run out.

A possible wartime requirment, to serve the troops no doubt.

Terribly annoying maybe but it's best to keep still.

Recover all the quicker, with me you surely will.

Watch and watched too closely, yet into this you fell.

Nothing from the looks of it, danger can this spell.

It's best to take stock, e'en the toughest days.

Better times ahead, but for now its me that pays.

Nose is bent out of joint, so maybe its like these.

Frustrated expectations, insult me won't you please.

To the showers, to your room, to bed, and then to sleep.

On a mission, flying, away but heaven can you reap?

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wow......what a crazy riddle!!!!! I found it a lot of fun!!!! :D:thumbsup:

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