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Once opon a winter, I looked up at the sky,

watched the snow come down, and the birds go by.

I zipped up my jacket, just to keep out chill,

pulled on my boots and started up the hill.

I looked past the houses, out towards the skyline,

And wondered who was staying at the inn that I called mine.

Were they all awake, playing and singing songs?

Or were they sleeping in, like they'd done all along?

well, they knew I'd be coming, right at sunrise,

they were all waiting, which was no suprise.

everyone knew why I had come,

and they were ready, every last one.

Some were polite, and waited their turn,

for although I was gentle, they knew I could be stern.

Others, however, decided to steal,

But somehow I managed to give all a meal.

Once opon a winter, I took on this task,

And I've continued, just so it would last.

And next year, before winter comes around,

I'll fix up this little place that I've found.

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how about feeding fish to penguins in a zoo or arctic zone...????

just making it up...... :D

Sorry, no.

simply have an old cabin in the woods that's been overrun by forest animals (birds, squirrels, snakes, etc)?

That's what I've been looking for!

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