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Here's the sequel to my first mafia - Fantasy Mafia. While the first one was spoiled by inactivity, I hope this one will not suffer the same fate. After playing more mafia games, I borrowed some role ideas and expanded on them to make this mafia more interesting. You will find some of these roles familiar if you've played Cruise Ship (Mekal & Bb), Penguin (Frost), High School (G & me), Pirate Mafia (Sinistral).

I'm putting this out for balancing critique and questions. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

It won't start till a few of the on-going mafias are finished, but I hope it can start before summer break ends, before everyone's schedule starts filling up again.

And so...

Prologue: Fortune?

The Merchant climbed down from the wagon and stretched. Turning around, he ordered his workers to unload the wagon.

Wyrmhaven. A rebuilding city. A rebuilding city with deep coffers.

He smiled. There’s fortune to be made here.


The Baron sighed.

“Like I said, sire, the city’s coffers are being spent too quickly. Although we resumed mining operations last month, the production is not fast enough to compensate for the cost of rebuilding the city,” said the Financial Advisor, “If this continues, the coffers will not last another month.”

The Baron stood up and walked to the window overlooking the city. Looking out, he took a deep breath and turned to his advisors.

“The pace of rebuilding the city will not be compromised because of this. There are many citizens who don’t have shelter and our trade will suffer if we don’t have the basic infrastructure up. That will put us in a worse condition. You have a week to find more ways to increase our coffers. If there are no alternatives, then we will sell some of our treasures,” said the Baron with a tone of finality.

“I understand, Baron,” the Financial Advisor nodded.

“Let us move on to the next item then,” said the Baron


The Inn’s door swung open.

Four friends, the Defender, Healer, Innkeeper and Priest, turned around. It was too early for people to start flocking to the Inn, especially in these times. They found the Barbarian standing in the doorway. Donning clothes of sheepskin and a battleaxe strapped to his back, the Barbarian took a seat by the bar.

“A mug of ale!” the Barbarian said in a deep, highly accented voice.

“What brings you here?” asked the Innkeeper as he set the mug in front of the Barbarian.

“I’m hunting a beast from the lore of my people and I’ve tracked it to the Frostguard Valley. I heard the route to the valley opened again a month ago.”

“You heard right. But it’s dangerous…” the Innkeeper’s sentence was cut short by the Barbarian’s hearty laugh.

“I have the blessings of Thurgra and there is no beast that my axe cannot cleave!” he howled and, in one swift motion, brought the axe down on its side and slammed it onto the bar. The building shook.

The remaining three friends stared at the Barbarian with newfound respect.

“Oh my!” gasped the Priest pointing at the blade of the axe, “Runes! Crudely drawn but powerful magic nonetheless. May I?”

The Barbarian hesitantly passed the axe to the Priest.

“Ah! Runes of protection and destruction. Weaved together by …” the Priest went on, adding his own signature runes every now and then to the axe, much to the Barbarian’s dismay.

“There he goes again,” chuckled the Defender at the comical scene.

“There’s no better fortune than having you bunch of misfit as friends,” laughed the Healer.


“Sire! You need to look at this!” the Internal Advisor said as he pushed opened the door to the Advisor’s Chamber.

“What is the matter? As I recall we are done with Internal Affairs,” said the Baron.

“Just look out of the window.”

The Baron turned around and looked down onto the city gates. His eyes widened and he smiled.

“Financial Advisor, I believe the solution we seek is staring us in the face.”


The Diviner sensed a powerful source of energy nearing the city gates. She immediately grabbed her divining necklace and ran down to the city square.


“They found it,” announced the Enchantress by telepathy.

“The Divine Sphere?” replied the Dark Mage.


“I feel it!” the Copier’s thought seemed to scream out loud, “Its power! It is overwhelming!”

“Yes. Calm down. It will soon be ours,” announced the Silencer, “Our last few months of waiting in disguise were not in vain.”

“My Chaotic friends, let the pendulum swing!” replied the Dark Mage, feeling everyone's eagerness.


The Bricklayer could not believe his eyes. He was standing atop the half finished city gates when he saw the largest soul crystal he had ever seen being hauled towards the city. As the crystal neared the gates, the Bricklayer could feel it pulsating with power. The Bricklayer, one untrained in the magical arts, felt the power seeping through him. He whistled. What a fortunate day.


The Chimeric Myath stared out of its window and saw the soul crystal being dragged to the city square. It smiled. It’s been six months since it ventured out of Frostguard Valley. Hiding its presence, it had amassed a lot of souls. No more hiding, it decided. There was no better time to risk revealing its presence. It was a necessary gamble to obtain such an enormous amount of concentrated power. It could rise to the Sixth, no, maybe Seventh Circle with that power. Yes. No more hiding.

It walked greedily towards the city square. It’s time to make its move.


The Merchant’s eyes widened. He knew now that his decision to make the dangerous journey to Wyrmhaven was a correct one.


The five friends, including the newly found Barbarian, stood outside the Inn to watch the spectacle.

The Priest uttered a prayer in awe of the crystal and said, “I can hear the Gods speaking through the crystal. It is… beautiful.”

The others agreed. It was a sight to behold.


The Diviner stared at the crystal as it was passing her. Her necklace responded and started floating in front of her. She grasped it and felt an immense power flowing through it.

“It is too powerful to be in the hands of mortals like us…”


The Baron walked out of the castle into the city square, flanked by his five advisors.

“I believe this will solve the financial crisis?” he asked the Financial Advisor, mockingly.

“Yes, sire! Yes! It will do more than solve it – we can have enough to sustain Wyrmhaven for centuries! We can begin funding all the academies you wish to build, all the projects. We will be at the forefront of civilization!” he said excitedly.

"Very well. Make the necessary preparations. Have the Development Advisor help you." Both advisors nodded and started discussing the plans for the crystal.

The Baron smiled. It was a relief to have the financial situation settled. But at the back of his mind, the Baron was worried. Fortunes like this are usually accompanied by troubles.

What would this one bring?


Fantasy Mafia II - The Rebuilding of Wyrmhaven


Win if they are the last faction standing.


On odd nights, the Baron may use his advisors to;

Security Advisor: Protect a player from harm.

Military Advisor: Block a player from acting.

Internal Advisor: The specific details of a random event that night will be PMed to the Baron. E.g. [Player A], the Merchant, traded with [Player B].

On even nights, the Baron uses his influential network to establish contact with a player and BTSC is allowed between the two players for the Night/Day cycle.

The Baron may never be lynched. A lynch will only reveal the Baron’s role.

The Baron cannot be killed on Night 1. An attempted kill on Night 1 will be described as a Healer/Defender’s save, determined by a coin flip.

Defender: Every night, may choose to protect a player. May not target the same player twice. May target self.

Healer: Every night, may choose to heal a player. May not target the same player twice. May target self.

Merchant: Always there when the opportunity of trade appears, the Merchant may pick one player every night to choose to trade with. The Merchant will steal the player’s vote for the following day. May not target the same player twice. If the Merchant chooses the Baron to trade with, they gain BTSC. The Merchant will not steal the Baron’s votes, and will not need to trade every night anymore. The same Night, and every night thereafter, the Merchant will gain 1 gold piece every night. He/She may use it to:

1 GP: Learn the identity of a player –or– Hire a bodyguard to protect self. The Merchant will learn the identity of whoever tried to kill him/her that night.

2 GP: If the Merchant is able to RID a player, he/she may hire the player and perform any action the player is capable of.

Should the Baron die before the Merchant meets him, the Merchant will find out and gain a secret ability.

Priest: Every night, may choose a player to inspect for Spawn/Spawn-infection. If the chosen player is infected, the Priest gains the Exorcise ability, on top of the inspection ability, the following night. Should the Priest choose to exorcise a player, it drains the Priest and the Priest’s vote will count as 0 the next day. The spawn will die the following night.

The Priest is immune to Spawn infection.

Innkeeper: Starts with 10GP. May use them to hire people to perform the following actions:

1GP: Hire a bodyguard to protect self from harm.

2GP: Hire a fighter from the Fighter’s Guild to defend a player.

3GP: Hire a thug to block a player.

4GP: Hire an informant to learn a player’s role.

5GP: Hire an assassin to kill a player.

He may choose to discard the whole stash at his whim, or to save himself from a lynching. Role will be revealed.

Should the Innkeeper have 0GP, he may start sending messages to players.

Witch Doctor: After being pardoned by the Baron, the Witch Doctor decides to help the citizens. Every night, she may choose to use her voodoo arts to prevent a player from acting.

Barbarian: Every night may choose to kill a player. Should the Barbarian kill two innocents, his role will be made public the same night and will be lynched if he doesn’t target a baddie within 2 Night/Day cycles.

Diviner: Every night, may make a divining on a player. The Diviner will find out the player’s role and protect the player for the next Night/Day cycle from all attempts. Should the player be lynched, the role will be revealed.

Bricklayer: Having to work till late at night, the Bricklayer will learn the roles of all players killed that night. Every other Day, but not two in a row, he may choose to post the role, with a short message of his own, in the Day post. The Bricklayer will not be able to post the roles of dead players of more than two nights before (i.e. On Day 4, the Bricklayer may not post the role of players which died on Night 1 and 2).

The Hand of Chaos

Win if they are the last faction standing. Every night, may choose a member to kill a target player.

Dark Mage: Every night, may redirect a player’s target to any target of the Dark Mage’s choice.

Silencer: Every night, may choose to silence a player by blocking his/her actions. Any spying attempt on the Silencer will be returned as Blocked, unless the Silencer is blocked that night.

Enchantress: Every night, but not two in a row, may choose a player. Should the player have more than n/3 votes stacked on him/her at any point of the Day, the player will be lynched together with the actual lynch victim.

n = Number of players alive, n/3 always rounded up

Copier: Every night, may choose 3 in-game players. A random player will be selected and the copier will learn that player’s ability to be used the next night on top of his own. The ability will be forgotten the next night, whether it is used or not, or whether a new ability is copied or not.

Fourth Circle Spawn

Win if they are the last faction standing.

Chimeric Myath

A powerful spawn from the Fourth Circle, the Chimeric Myath has multiple abilities. Every night, it may choose to use one ability every night from each pool:

Pool 1:

Every Day, may choose a dead player from that Night/Day cycle and store his/her ability. Can store up to 2 abilities. If the Myath decides to learn a third ability, a random ability from the two will be erased.

Pool 2:

On odd nights, the Myath may choose to infest a player with a parasitic spawn and choose to have the parasite manifest itself from 1 – 3 nights. When the parasite manifests itself, the player will become a Spawn and join the Chimeric Myath as a vanilla and gain BTSC. Any save on the night this is attempted will block this attempt. A save by the healer any night thereafter before the player becomes a spawn will cure the player of the parasite.

Should a spawn die, the Myath may decide to learn the player’s ability, subject to the same restrictions as Pool 1.

The Myath may only have 2 spawns at any given time. If it infects a player while it has 2 spawns, the player will not be affected if at the time of manifestation, the Myath still has its original spawns.

On even nights, the Myath may choose to tag a player with a fake parasite to thwart the Priest.

Pool 3:

May use the stolen ability from Pool 1 on top of all of these.

Pool 4:

May RID kill a player, maximum if 2 throughout the game, and automatically add the player’s ability on top of the two stolen ones in Pool 3. This ability is permanent. Should the RID fail, a random member of the Third Circle Spawn will be randomly killed.

On Odd nights, odd pool abilities are blocked. On Even nights, even pool 2 abilities are blocked. RID may not be blocked. Successful RID targets can only be saved by the Healer.

The Myath cannot be killed on Night 1. An attempted kill on Night 1 will be described as a Healer/Defender’s save, determined by a coin flip.

Game Mechanics:

1. Blocks always prevail.

2. Blocks and spying attempts will not be revealed in the night post.

Sign up list:
















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