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I'm not a poster


It seems that I

Would likely fly

If ever your grip should fail

Unlike my friend

I'll not depend

On being held up by nails

And all the while

I'll show your style

Enhancing surroundings quaint

If colors clash

Don't be abashed

Just fix it up with some paint

A useful trait

That makes me great

Is graininess suits me well

Informal, sure

That's my allure

At least I'm not prone to smell

Flat and smooth and open to a fling

Confinement really isn't much my thing

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is a balloon

That fits everything pretty well except for the part about being flat and smooth in the last couplet.


Good morning.

Also fits most of it, but the bit about painting if the colors clash would be weird.


I guess that wallpaper is not a poster, but it's very similar.
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the boarder aroung the top

What about going off wallpaper...

I'm not quite sure what you're getting at? If you mean the moulding around the edges of a room, I think those often are held by nails.

how about a kite

Another one that would fit 95% of it, but leaves a hanging clue about graininess suiting it well.

Hey plasmid,

a pen? or as we say it in southern, an ink pin? (so as not to get stuck)

The part about it being informal would be odd.
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a zipper aka a fly.

Think it kinda works except for the paint....and maybe a few other parts.

Folding screen room divider.

screen door. think Wilson's answer kinda covers that tho.

Each of those would be at odds with the last line

the wooden backing on a canvas (like to paint on)

That fits with the painting, but I don't see how the first three lines would apply
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Hello plasmid, i am thinking of

A styrofoam glider?

a remote controlled airplane

The graininess would seem un-aerodynamic for a glider or plane.

Roof tiles?

the colored metal roofing...


Roof tiles I think are usually held by nails, but even if not there's still the "fling" in the last couplet.

While everyone's answers so far have not been prone to smell, there is a reason why such an odd clue is in there which the answer addresses.

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Ming Carpet?

That could fit all but the informal part

garden gate?

Interesting. I had imagined that they would typically look formal, but a quick Google Images search shows that many need not be. I thought I had ruled out doors in general with the line about confinement not being my thing, but if a garden gate typically has a latch but no lock then it might work. It would certainly be possible to build it such that it swings shut if you let go. It could even fit the "smell" clue since it's at a garden. I think I'd call this an alternate answer that fits about as well as what I had in mind.


I wouldn't want them to be grainy
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plasmid, gotta say you are over generous with that alternate answer response. Even without knowing (yet) your answer I'm sure fitting that one is way too much of a stretch. Here's another for your consideration.


not smelly but makes that clue rather ambiguous which cant be legit.

a window screen? - would allow smells to escape - hmmm, seems I may be a little hung up on your last one sill.

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No one's really gone down the path I had in mind yet. I'm not sure if it's because there's so much misdirection, or if it's because there aren't any clues that really point towards the answer itself and it's only something that you could see fitting the riddle in retrospect. This one's been up for a couple of days now, so I guess I'll try doing like I did last time and see if listing the clues makes it clearer.

- seems like it might easily fly if you lose your grip

- not held up by nails (although its "friend" is)

- stylish

- paint is used to match colors

- useful with "graininess"

- informal

- not prone to smell

- flat

- not confining

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