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OK, here's a bit of fun. Works better in spoken form but we have to make do!

Not my idea either but I'm afraid I don't know where it comes from so apologies if you've all heard it before.

Think of a meaningful sentence which contains the word "and", five times, consecutively (no other words in between), as in "and and and and and" *.

You can add punctuation but no full stops; this is just one sentence.

It can be done!

Here's the answer (have a good go at it before looking, it really can be done). Feel free to come up with a better answer if you can :D

The landlord of "The Pig and Whistle" pub is having a new sign painted. He comes out to see how the sign painter is doing.

"No, no." says the landlord. "That won't do. There's not enough space between 'The' and 'Pig', and too much space between 'Pig' and 'and', and 'and' and 'Whistle'."


* You might say that the question answers itself. Not a very good answer though.

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Here is one related to this, but instead of coming up with the sentence, the trick is to make the sentence make sense.

"buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo"

No punctuation is needed, though a bit capitalization helps.

"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"

  • The city of Buffalo, New York.
  • A type of bison known as a buffalo.
  • To intimidate people is to "buffalo" them.

The sentence can then be interpreted as:

Bison from Buffalo that are intimidated by other bison from Buffalo are, themselves, intimating to other bison from Buffalo.

This might also help:

"[1]Buffalo [2]buffalo [3]Buffalo [4]buffalo [5]buffalo [6]buffalo [7]Buffalo [8]buffalo"

Bison[2] from Buffalo[1] that are intimidated[5] by other bison[4] from Buffalo[3] are, themselves, intimating[6] to other bison[8] from Buffalo[7].

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