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Sword Play


An easy one here, just meant for good fun.

Six words to find, then we'll talk when you're done.

Conservatively speaking is their chosen plight.

More common in Britain, but just as right.

Heart sleeves showed signs of thinned nerves, too.

And lingered until your welcome, was long overdue.

Not anger, wrath, fury nor rage but another befit.

A part of an island nation, horribly split.

Hilarious yet not, what the comedian did them.

Done in for sport when the season is in.

Your brothers know of this pre-engagement event.

In grappling you could say it's what shouldering is meant.

Of a cowardly color you would typically me know.

Not this kind of funny if I'm found on your toe.

Now all these together may seem strange on their face.

But combine them regardless, so my name you can place.

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