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I’m so hungry, can’t seem to get full.

I eat and eat, but it’s always null.

It is rapacious, this desire in me.

To go for the kill, get more than I need.

Getting fatter or not, it’s all the same.

Gaining and taking, never giving it back.

Ravenous, always, after a meal or snack.

Eating all the time, but always want more.

Even needing more than deserved, for sure.

Daring to compete in this selfish game.

Never ends well, this inordinate want.

I can’t stop eating, whether I want to or not.

Let’s face it though, I always want to indulge.

Same as before, I just like the bulge.

Wanting, eating, needing. I feel no shame.

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This is about those hot dog eating contestants always practicing for their next big win isn't it. Always consuming, but not for hunger except maybe the hunger to win!

Welcome to the Den pketpket! Nice to have you, your guess is wrong, sorry. Could you please do a favor and use a Spoiler when making a guess? That way others can enjoy the riddle, without having to see what other people have guessed. Thanks so much! And again, Welcome!!


Nope. Not that.

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well holes can be filled up can't they? So I think the never being full part wouldn't work

no, no..........i mean like a doughnut.........

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