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Hey can you sticky this Martini or Rookie? I believe this could help some people:

With the new forum boards, it's possible to vote topics on a scale of 1-5 stars. I've seen lots of different, seemingly random votes on different topics, so I thought I'd suggest some guidelines for people to follow that would make it more, I dunno, orderly and universal. A 5 to one person could mean a 3 to another person. Know what I mean?

The Guidelines:

* vote on the RIDDLE ONLY. Not if you like or don't like the person that posted the riddle. In other words, vote on the riddle itself, not the topic

* vote based on this system

Number of Stars:

***** 5- this riddle is amazing, and freshly original. It was challenging and you really had to wrack your brain to figure it out, and felt accomplished after doing so. Everyone should give a shot at this riddle, no matter your skill level. It was easy to read and understand.

**** 4- this is a great riddle, one of the better ones on the site. It wasn't so easy that you got it within seconds- you definitely had to think about this one, and it was fun doing so. It was original, or at least you haven't heard it before, and the way the riddle was written was as clear as it needed to be.

*** 3- a good riddle. Maybe not the best or even in the better set of riddles, but it wasn't too bad. It was a fun riddle, and maybe you got the answer very quickly, but that's okay. Maybe the person could've made the riddle clearer, or disguised the 'catch' better, or hidden the math or provided a better backdrop for the riddle, but it wasn't too bad.

** 2- a flawed riddle. The person that made this isn't hopeless of course, it was most likely just a failed attempt. Either it wasn't original at all, though at least changed a bit from something it was copied from, or it was presented horribly in your opinion and was confusing as to what it was about. The answer may have been hard or easy, though you think the riddle in general could have done a lot better. If you can think of ways that the riddle could be much better and gotten a higher rating, than it's probably a 2.

* 1- a hopeless riddle. This is one of those riddles you see and go "Oh wow. That's $#!†." It should be scrapped right away, and it would probably be better if a moderator deleted it. Either the riddle is ridiculously confusing, ridiculously easy, or ridiculously random and unrelated to anything, or just... no. Just, no. It is clear to everyone that this is a poor riddle. To be considered even a 'mediocre' riddle it would need to be fixed up and changed quite a lot.

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