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Actually, Derrai, if you are it, than get me. It won't matter since I'm the Clownfish. That good enough for you, CP. ;) Derrai, also, if you are a goodie, than you wouldn't stop Gmaster. Once again, Seahorse get Gmaster. ;) Hey, Clam dude, if you are not Derrai, than do not prison me so that we know that Derrai is baddie.

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It happened again!

CP! There are more then 1 small fry's!

GC! Remember last mafia? Well its happened again.

If I where the one about to kill me, i wouldn't. Otherwise the goodies are just blowing themselves up.

Oh also, you guys want my role to do something, oh but if im dead! i cant.

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Okay! I think we can know if Clozo is bad or not. Swordfish please don't kill anybody tonight!

Derrai, if you are really the Giant shell imprison Clozo tonight. If the Jelly fish or Sting ray don't act tonight, we will know who Clozo is. And if Derrai's not the real giant shell, imprison Derrai.

Guys this way, we avoid killing one of the goodies and also have a chance of finding a lynch target for tomorrow.

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Damn you marioman! Couldnt you have participated a bit more?????

swimming in circles to show frustration.

goodies, you do realize we are getting majorly played! Now we lost a spy!

I wish I knew who he spied on at least..that could help us out a lot tonight.

Like tell us who to send sword fish after...

any ideas?

Sorry! *Hides* My internet ddidn't work for 2 days!! :mad:

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since you are in the USA.. we have this thing called a library.

When my computer crashes I frequently go to my area library.

Schools have libraries too. Great thing is..

you can ride your bike there and teh bus has a stop by each one.

So at least for a player in the US I am sure the option is open

to find a computer. Even computer stores let you on the computers

and surf the net...

just saying.

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MM I am very sorry if you are a paraplegic or have any physical disabilities

that is a great reason not to go find other net options. I myself have but it is

invisible to most people.

BTW my wife who is the librarian saw my post and brought this possibility up to me.

SO support your libraries folks! And be nice to the librarians. I could tell you stories!

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WOW! There's a new Brainden! I love this one! It looks so cool! Nice job Rookie1ja.

I agree abhisk, and now there is an even newer brainden that took 24 hours to remake. So as soon as woon realizes that the Den is back up and running I think he should put up the next post asap.

Anyway, I think clozobozo will be gone because im pretty sure she is a baddie. Not 100% convinced on Derrai but we will see what happens. Hope the post goes up soon.

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Hey, just popping in to say that I'm not inactive. Maybe you are a goodie, Clozo, but Gmasters mind is set. I think you might be gone unless the starfish comes on. I love the new brainden, also. Nice Job.

Well, I guess I could've waited. If everyone's gut reactions were right, then I did us goodies a big favor. If clozo is a goodie, well then that would suck. We would then really have to look more closely at the votes and posts to see who else could possibly be a baddie. I hope I'm right and I'm anxiously waiting on the Night post from woon

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ok I dont know if all of you were locked out while there was the update. But I sure was. So dont know when the day or night ends...

We all were as far as I can tell. Which means that woon has probably not figured out that it is back up yet, so my guess is that when he tries to come on again he'll post it

I'll check every so often and he should probably extend the day because of the whole timing issue

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Well Gmaster. Its going to suck big time then.

I don't know why everyone takes my hints the wrong way!

I think i need some lessons on subtle hint dropping...

Seriously though, the shrimp is not the only small sea creature!

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