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Ocean 11 Mafia

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Okay. Now we just have to wait about 4 hours and hopefully the goodies WIN! woot!

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Ocean 11 - Day 4

Bring him out! Bring him out! Clozo and Abhisk shouted when they saw Derrai brought Gmaster who was tied with rope!

woon looked from far but never interrupted. I think they will know how to handle this chaos.

Derrai then forced Gmaster kneed down beside the pond. Any more thing to say?

Gmaster yelled, Guys! I am Octopus! I did some killing and saving roles in certain nights but due to the wrong target, you guys were not informed! Believe me, I am Octopus!

Clozo face then turn pale. She quickly moved away from Abhisk who standing beside her!

Then must be you!

Abhisk, No! Its not me! Didnt I have told you that I am kind of funny! I am serious and not funny at all when I saying I am kind of funny! Understand?

Then who is the Stingray? Derrai, why are you suddenly become quiet? Say something.

Derrai stood still with no expression. Then a voice came out from his mouth. To the other surprise, it is a lady voice. I say, lets vote for Abhisk!

Gmaster and Clozo puzzled, Whos that?

Derrai answered, Its me, Kat! Do you know who I was? I was the actual clown fish, so I knew you are lying!

Abhisk shocked, Thats not fair! How could woon call you up to decide the result! You already knew I am lying!

Kat/Derrai: You will still lose, no matter how. If today we lynched Gmaster, we will find out he is the Octopus. Then night 5, I the Giant Shell who knew Clozo is innocent has no question about you are the baddie and will imprison you then! Then in day 5, Clozo and I will lynch you. So, why not save time now?

Abhisk: No way, How could you believe Clozo is innocent.

Kat/Derrai: Thats because the splendid creature GC the dolphin has told us.

Abhisk moved aback, Cool down everyone, I can explain, I …..oops! Abhisk accidentally fell into the pond.

After a while, the remaining resident heard a song sang from the pond: Are you Jimmy Ray? Are you ….. Na na… I am stingray!

The 3 persons, Clozo, Gmaster and Derrai (Kat) on the shore yelled with cheers! Yay! We won!

After enjoyed looking at the happy 3 singing and dancing, woon then turned to the seagull and flew away.

<The End>

************* ************** ******************

Player and Role

1. Clozo - Seahorse

2. Limey Starfish

3. Gmaster479 Octopus

4. SG - Shark

5. Kat Clown fish

6. Social Darwin Jellyfish

7. Abhisk Stingray

8. Crazypainter swordfish

9. Derrai Giant Shell

10. GC Dolphin

11. Marioman9 - Shrimp

Thanks everyone. I will post the action list and Rewards list later.

Edited by woon

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W00t! Good job goodies. It was uncanny how Abhisk claimed the Clownfish, the only role Kat could have been. Good move Abhisk, but it was inevitable that you should be lynched. Luck killed the Shark, Swordfish killed the Jelly Fish(it was a good move blocking yourself SD but unfortunately it backfired). It was a huge gamble CP, that was the only baddie role SD could have been but it paid off. After that we goodies had it in the bag. We shouldn't have lynched Mario and Limey, I thought Mario was most probably a goodie. But well, in the end we got there. :thumbsup:

EDIT: My bad.

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Eh...Well I tried, and we got off to a really bad start, with six goodies and one baddie. Well, I tried as my first mafia baddie role. If only Derrsi hadn't been the shell but good game everyone!

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Ocean 11 Action List and Reward List

Night 1


Abhisk poisoned CP

SG killed Kat

SD numbed himself

Clozo detoxified CP

GC found SD is baddie

No Effect

Limey save Mariomen9

Gmaster killed no one

CP killed no one

Derrai imprison no one

Marioman9 sticked no one

Night 2


SD numbed GC

Marioman 9 found SD visit GC

CP killed SD

Abhisk poisoned CP

Derrai imprisoned Limey

No Effect

Clozo detoxify GC but GC was not poisoned

Limey save Marioman9 but Marioman9 was not attacked

Gmaster save GC but GC was not attacked

GC wants to check Abhisk but was numbed

Night 3


Abhisk Poisoned GC

Derrai Imprison Clozo

GC found Clozo is goodie

No Effect

Clozo detoxify Gmaster but Gmaster was not poisoned

Gmaster and CP want to kill Clozo but Clozo was locked up

Limey save CP but CP was not attacked but poisoned

Night 4


Derrai imprisoned Gmaster

No Effect

Clozo detoxify herself but she was not poisoned

Gmaster saved Derrai but Derrai had locked him up

Abhisk poisoned Gmaster but Gmaster was locked up

GC check Gmaster

Team won (member in the team who won get 1 point)

Clozo, Limey, Gmaster, Kat, CP, Derrai, GC and Marioman9 got 1 point each

Member who survive last (get 1 point)

Clozo, Gmaster and Derrai got 1 point each

Minor objective achieved reward

Night 1:

GC found SD is baddie and successfully convinced majority people vote for him (+1)

SG killed Kat (+1)

Clozo detoxified CP who was poisoned (+1)

Night 2:

SD successfully stunt GC and prevent him to investigate Abhisk (+1)

Abhisk successfully poisoned CP and made her dead the next night (+1)

CP successfully killed one of the baddie SD (+1)

Night 3:

Abhisk successfully poisoned GC and made him dead the next night (+1)

Derrai successfully imprisoned Clozo and protect her from being killed by CP or GMaster (+1)

Night 4:

No one get rewards

Other rewards

The most pitiful player, Kat, killed in night 1 (+1)

The toughest player, Abhisk (+2)

The kindest palyer, Kat willing to replace Derrai and help Goodies win (+1)

Summarized list

Player ........Total Pearl Gained






Social Darwin .1






Points(pearls) will be used for next time


Seagull flew and flew above the ocean. Suddenly it spotted some familiar creatures swimming towards one direction. Seagull then flew follow the direction and notice not far away from it, theres an island shaped like this:


Ocean 12?

Coming…..Not so soon. :P

Edited by woon

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Yea Goodies! I didn't really do much other than convince you to vote to win the game. This was a fun Mafia, though not short or speedy, but definitely not long like mine. Still I am looking forward to the next Ocean Mafia. I am so happy despite really not doing anything with my role. O well. Yea I'm 3-3!

Edited by Gmaster479

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congrats you all! Woon, good job on a good game..wondering how the pearl thing is gonna tie into a 12 shaped island.

GC it wasnt totally luck, psychology too.

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So, yeah, that was possibly the most unfortunate Mafia game I've played in a while :P Nothing like being a baddie and getting spied right off the bat. I think having the kills be entirely in my hand made that possible, however. Being rid of the Shark was a pretty obviously good move for the goodies. Good enough that they could afford losing their spy to do it. Anyways, this was fun to watch (and fun to play for the very brief time that I played it). Here's hoping for better luck next game :P

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Cool! 3 points and toughest player! I'm so signing up again. :) Hey I just realized I should have 4 points.:P

Edited by abhisk

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Abhisk... i have a question... When CP was killed and you said oh know there goes the seahorse... did you actually think she was the seahorse? or were you trying to get me to speak out?

Great game. I'm most certainly up for oceans 12!

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Excellent game Woon!

Way to go Abhisk! You rocked it real hard for the baddies :) Glad to call you one of my own.

I'm always up for OM12!

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This was a great game Woon!

Sorry I had to leave, but thanks Kat for taking my spot!

I guess I did an okay job with the Shell role.

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