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The title is a hint!

OK, I know I have put up a lot of topic's today but here is my last one for the day!!!

I have an object in my hand,

It has no legs, it cannot stand,

When not using it, I let it go,

Free once more to roam and show,

You cannot see it with your naked eye,

It follows all and is not shy,

Invisible in force and stare,

You can push it and pull it anywhere.

Sorry if this one is to easy, I tried to make it a little harder!


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I really need to make these harder. Yes,
is correct.

Don't give hints in the beginning if you want them to last longer/be harder. Great riddle though.

Edit: I like the title, by the way. Much better then "What am I" or "What is it". Great descriptive title.

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