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Thanks to the inspiration from this game’s creator, woon, here’s the third edition of this word game. To get an idea about this game you can read about The Oddest Out - 1 and The Oddest Out - 2. I’d like to introduce a few new twists to the game for 'The Oddest Out - 3', so here goes:

Each round will start when I post 8 questions. They will be something like: “What is a word that ends with the letter ‘t’?”

Each player will then PM to me TWO answers to each question:

1. The first answer will be the same as Oddest Out 1 & 2 - the most common answer: try to pick the answer that you think will be the most commonly chosen answer by all the players. If you think ‘it’ will be the most common answer to the example question, that is what you send.

2. The second answer will be your Oddest Out answer: you try to pick an answer that nobody else will pick, BUT to score highest it must be the answer with the fewest total letters. Now in the example above, you’ve picked ‘it’ as your common answer, so now you may want to pick ‘at’. But if somebody else picks ‘at’ for their common answer, you score nothing (see scoring rules below). So you might want to choose a three letter word, such as ‘jot’.

Words must be real dictionary words (including Scrabble ® dictionaries). The decision of the host (me) is final. If I’m not satisfied that it is an English Language word that is in some commonly accepted dictionary, I’ll ask you to send me a new word.

Your score for the round will be the sum of the scores for your Common word and your Oddest Out word. (See scoring rules below). I will post the scores; and then comes the fun: the EDC (Elimination Decision Circle).

Players with the lowest 50% of scores (rounded down for odd numbers of players) will enter the EDC. They have the opportunity to change up to 3 of their Common answers *and* up to 3 of their Oddest Out answers. PM me your changes; then I’ll re-calculate the scores and those scores will be final. Those in the EDC have the chance to make a “surgical strike” that can undercut players in the top rankings. Those on the top of the list just have to sit and hope they remain safe.

In each round of this Max version only one player will be eliminated -- the one with the lowest score.

When the field is reduced to five players, I’ll start asking for each player to submit TWO common words and one Oddest Out word.

When the field is reduced to three players, each will submit THREE Common words and one Oddest Out word.

For the showdown between the two finalists, I’ll ask each player to submit FOUR Common words and TWO Oddest Out words for each question. This should provide enough variability that there won’t be much chance of tie scores.

No discussion of answers between players, and no posting about specific answers.

Note that in this version of TOO, after you’ve been eliminated, you do not continue to participate by submitting “trap” answers to be used in the final round. The traps are built into the game in every round.

Scoring rules:

For the Common words, the scoring is the same as in The Oddest Out 1 & 2: Your score is calculated as 100% * (number of players with your word / number of players with the most common word)

For the Oddest Out word the scoring is as follows:

---For all words that someone used as a Common word: 0%

---For the shortest words not used as a Common word: 100% but shared equally among all players who select this word. So in the example, if two players chose ’jot’ as their Oddest Out word, they each get 50% for it; if three players used ‘jot‘, each gets 33.3%, etc.

---For longer words not used as Common words your score is 100% * (Number of extra letters in the shortest word / Number of extra letters in your word). As above, if this word is used by more than one player, the score will be shared equally among each of them. By “extra” letters, I mean that each question will specify some letters ('t’ in the example above), so each letter you add is an “extra” letter. So if ‘jot’ was the shortest word and your word was ‘best’ (and nobody else used ‘best’) your score would be 100% * (2/3) or 66.7%.

OK, sign-up can begin. I’ll post the first round questions after about 48 to 72 hours of sign-up. I’ll accept first round PM’s for about 24 hours before posting results, during which time you can still sign up and join the game.

Host: seeksit












(add more numbers)

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Here, for the record, is the nitty-gritty of the results:

GC's changes in the EDC were as follows:

1. All four common words: seven to lever; never to ever; fever to every; level to even.

2. One common word: stamp to cramp. One odd word: Cramp to clamp.

3. Two common words: pole to place; plane to pulse. One Odd word: Pulse to plaque.

4. One common word: Bluff to blurt. One odd word: blurt to blues.

5. No changes.

6. One Common word: Pip to poop. One odd word: Poop to pipe.

7. Two common words: Radish to radius; trade to radium. One Odd word: radium to cradle.

8. One common word: Firework to fireworks.

So here are the final tabulations of words for Round 6:

The common word answers listed by question:

1. even and ever (3-100); seven, level, evens, event, lever, every (1-33.3)

2. camp, lamp, damp (3-100); ramp (2-66.7), cramp (1-33.3)

3. pile, pale (3-100); pole, place (2-66.7); plane, pulse (1-33.3)

4. blur, blue (3-100); bluff, blunt (2-66.7); blush, blurt (1-33.3)

5. beam, team (3-100); dream, seam (2-66.7); cream, ream (1-33.3)

6. pup, pop (3-100); pep, pipe (2-66.7); pip, poop (1-33.3)

7. radio (3-100); radar, radius (2-66.7); trade, grade, brad, radian, radium (1-33.3)

8. afire, firefly, fireman (2-100); bonfire, fireworks, fireplace, firer, fired, firearm (1-50)

And here are the odd answers for each question (trapped words shown in red):

1. eves, neve (100); revel, levee (50); sieve (2 - 25% each)

2. vamp, samp (100); tamp (2 - 50% each); tramp, clamp (50)

3. pule, plie (100); phyle, plate, plume (50); plaque (33.3)

4. blub (100); blues (50); blurb and bluey (both chosen by 2 players - 25% each)

5. abeam, steam (100); bream (2 - 50% each); ream, seam (0)

6. pap (100); prep, pupa, prop, pope (50); pipe (0)

7. orad (100); radii (50); cradle (33.3); radon (2 - 25% each)

8. refire (100); foxfire (66.7); firewall, firewood (50); firelight, firehouse (40)

By player (Odd words are the last two):


1. even 100, evens 33.3, ever 100, event 33.3, sieve 25, levee 50

2. camp 100, damp 100, ramp 66.7, lamp 100, tamp 50, samp 100

3. pale 100, pile 100, pole 66.7, plane 66.7, plate 50, plume 50

4. blue 100, bluff 66.7, blur 100, blush 33.3, blurb 25, bluey 25

5. beam 100, seam 66.7, team 100, ream 33.3, bream 50, steam 100

6. pop 100, pip 33.3, pup 100, pipe 66.7, prop 50, pope 50

7. radio 100, radar 66.7, radius, 66.7, radian 33.3, radon 25, radish 33.3

8. fired 50, firefly 100, firearm 50, fireman 100, firewall 50, firewood 50


1. lever 33.3, ever 100, every 33.3, even 100, eves 100, sieve 25

2. lamp 100, camp 100, damp 100, cramp 33.3, clamp 50, tramp 50

3. pile 100, pale 100, place 66.7, pulse 33.3, pule 100, plaque 33.3

4. blur 100, blue 100, blurt 33.3, blunt 66.7, blurb 25, blues 50

5. beam, 100, team 100, cream 33.3, dream 66.7, ream 0, seam 0

6. pup 100, pop 100, poop 33.3, pep 66.7, pipe 0, prep 50

7. radar 66.7, radius 66.7, radium 33.3, radio 100, radon 25, cradle 33.3

8. bonfire 50, fireworks 50, afire 100, fireplace 50, firelight 40, firehouse 40

Cherry Lane:

1. even 100, ever 100, level 33.3, seven 33.3, neve 100, revel 50

2. camp 100, damp 100, ramp 66.7, lamp 100, tamp 50, vamp 100

3. pile 100, pole 66.7, pale 100, place 66.7, plie 100, phyle 50

4. blue 100, blur 100, bluff 66.7, blunt 66.7, blub 100, bluey 25

5. beam 100, seam 66.7, team 100, dream 66.7, abeam 100, bream 50

6. pop 100, pep 66.7, pup 100, pipe 66.7, pap 100, pupa 50

7. grade 33.3, trade 33.3, brad 33.3, radio 100, orad 100, radii 50

8. afire 100, firefly 100, firer 50, fireman 100, refire 100, fixfire 66.7

It has been a blast. The EDC really is the spice of this game: it adds that element of tension and uncertainty. Thanks again to woon for coming up with such a clever game.

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Thanks, seeksit, for such a fun game! I was impressed with the changes you made to woon's original - which I loved for its novel concept, and wasn't sure could be improved upon. Thanks, also, for being such a patient host. I coudln't have done it.

What tough competitors! GC is always the dark horse, the unknown factor, and usually manages to pull it off. u_dan had a very strong showing for his first appearance - I thought my title was toast there for a while.

Thanks for letting me play. Time to go celebrate my victory! :D (Oh, wait...no one out here in reality knows or cares about TOO :( )

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Thanks Seeksit, great game and special mention to Woon for his creation of the beast.

Well done Cherry Lane, at least you have a small amount of kudos in brainden world and can smile in the real world even if nobody knows or cares about TOO!

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Really well done Madame! :thumbsup: A hat-trick of wins, that is indeed a rarity in this world(definitely a first I think)! Congrats Monsieur Dan, you were really consistent(I was calling you Mr. Consistent in my mind :lol: )

Thanks for the fun Monsieur Seeksit! And that was a really neat trick you pulled off in the end. I knew expecting to win was asking for too much but I thought I had come in second with that third spoiler of yours. :dry::lol:

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You mean like this? (warning: gibberish to follow)

You are DELUDED if you think you are INDEFATIGABLE. See that YARDARM? ABRACADABRA! Now, SENSEI, that PRESTIGIOUS piece of cloth is ENLIVENED by a nice BROCADE.

:lol: You just couldn't resist...

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