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Per chicory's request, honest, and feel obliged since (s)he solved my last WAI (you really should at least set the gender on your profile cuz it's he and chic from here on out). Think I made these a little tougher but the first two may reveal a theme, simplifying the rest somewhat. Enjoy...

Stinky, sleeping, and sheltered sounds. (6)

Existing liscense sporting injury safehouse rightly belittled. (6)

Rate posting outlines airline disclaimer prior to surgical requirement. (8)

Tiny leftward circuit shortened route nano seconds is one reason. (8)

Good male, small male, stuck in Michigan area code ward. (7)

Mass retreat of daytime soldier sounding without limits. (6)

Reflection: "Short pathway between mythical 12th and 13th tells the meaning of blindness." (9)

One lines up to say love is more questionable. (8)

For those new to these Play on Word "Quickies" - Each word or two (generally speaking) of the puzzle corresponds to a letter or two (generally speaking) "spelling" out the answer. Other descriptors can be thrown in refering to the relation of individual letters. The letters will "read" left to right as presented unless there is a descriptor that directs otherwise. For the most part, punctuation is not part of the answer but rather to make the clue read better. Other than that, the clues are very precise. There are no unnecessary words in the clues or extra letters in the answers. It's best to read these very literally. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of letters in the answer.

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Ha! :lol: and oh so close :) . Great job, the first five letters and explanation are exactly right. Need a different last two which hopefully suggests the reasoning behind them.

All of tiger lilies answers for the first part.

code ward is the two letter code for the Emercency Room ward of a hospital!


oh too late I noticed that the answer has been posted by many!

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