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I'm not a muster


To arms! To arms! A call through the land

Go fetch your sword, and keep it at hand

Some cloth you'll need if anything bleeds

And spear nearby for upcoming deeds

Before your chest, a buckler possess

To best avoid a serious mess

Prepare to fill the catapult's cup

The ammo's hot, don't bungle it up

Our troops amass and take up their place

They'll move as one -- this isn't a race

But first, before the upcoming drive

Recite your prayers (I'm sure you'll survive)

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Oilcan gets this one, any type would fit the riddle. Admittedly an easier one so I could test out the new Solved: feature (check out the addition in the Important: READ BEFORE POSTING link at the top of the page) but nonetheless a good job.

People can start using the Solved feature on their riddles now - it's basically using the forum's poll feature as a way to flag when a riddle has been solved. There are a few things I would like to point out though. First, be aware that once you set up a poll to show that a riddle has been solved, you won't be able to go back and edit it, so be careful when setting it up. Second, please DO NOT go back and flag all of your old riddles to show that they've been solved, because that would bump them to the front of the index and knock all of the currently active riddles off! Just flag the current and new riddles as they get solved.

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