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I'm not a gardener


Snow has fallen to the ground

Still my lawn is clear

Lifeblood flowing all around

Doesn't wander here

Spring and Summer, nearly drown

Watering the lawn

Whether grass is green or brown

I will make it strong

When the days are hot as hell

Shade the sun above

Scorching not the quiet well

Where they fell in love

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intern121 got this one! Thanks for the compliments, and I hope the answer is satisfying.

The riddle is describing the eye - a common (and definitely the safest) part of the body to be looking at when you're in love, where the "lawn" is the iris and the "well" is the pupil. The Spring and Summer bits refer to allergy season.

Awesome! I feel so honored, I'm tempted to write a poem.

But of course, it's silly of me

To always write so rhythmically

Yet it is just so addicting

So if you will all bear with me...

Let's have some fun this weekend!

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