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The "Well Dressed Frog" joke inspired me to share this one.

One day, a man noticed that instead of the usual noise he heard when he passed gas, it sounded like someone saying "Honda". This, as you can understand, completely freaked him out. So, he went to countless doctors and specialists to find out why it was happening and if it could be cured. But, no one had an answer. Months later he sees an old friend to whom he relates his "condition". His friend tells him to go see a dentist. Puzzled, but with no other solutions in sight he goes to his dentist and tells him of his problem. The dentist takes one look in his mouth and says, "A-HA! you have an abcess tooth. That is your problem and it must be removed." "WHAT?!!!" the man replied. "Of course", said his dentist. "Didn't you know, Abcess makes the farts go Honda."

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