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A host really can't play, other than perhaps giving the first quote. It's really simple. First, get a roster of players. Have people sign up as "artists" in the even positions on the roster. Everyone on an odd position will come up with a caption for the photo. Player 1 starts by making up a caption and sending it privately to the host. The host then sends the caption to Player 2, who looks at that caption and draws a picture based on it. The picture (but not the previous caption!) goes to the host, who passes it to Player 3, who comes up with a caption describing the picture.

You really don't even need a host, though, but it makes it easier to post the final results.

So I guess I came full circle to contradicting myself. Yes, a host can play (but really should be in position 1).

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OK fine..I will host, but in position 2 :P

which will work, as player 1 will send me the caption and I will draw the picture and send it to player 3. each additional player will send the caption/drawing back to me and I will pass it on. This will allow me to collect each drawing/caption.

So pick a position...odd caption makers/even drawers

Sign-up topic to follow

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