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Spoiler for HINT -- Regarding structure of riddle only -- HINT:
Generally speaking, each word or two of the puzzle corresponds to a letter spelling out the answer.

Exist, exist one single lodge.
Safe but not out after first dodge.

(Show your work for full credit)

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Correct! Most excellent. Full solution and credits follow....

That was an insanely twisted and difficult riddle, you should be very proud!


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Exist, exist one single lodge:

Exist = be = B

exist = are = R

one = singular = A

single = one = I

lodge = Inn phonetically = N

BRAIN - first submitted by heyupal

Safe but not out, after first dodge:

Safe but = safe butt phonetically = last letter in the word safe = E

not out = in = N

first dodge = first letter of the word dodge = D

after = not a letter in the answer but a descriptor meaning E and N are after D

DEN - figured out by hugemonkey

then the extra credit - Period B.F. no k:

Period = dot = .

B.F.= initials of Ben Franklin = $100 = C-note (or Roman numerals) = C

no = zero = O

k = 1000 = (roman numerals again) M

.COM - by committee: Lotus, hugemonkey, chicory, and spyder510 snipes in at the end.

These get much easier with time as many clues and my style become familiar. WARNING: They can also effect your train of thought and how you read other types of riddles.

Thanks to all who participated. Anyone up for another? Oops, too late. Check it out.....

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