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For starters I'm sounding triumphant.

Participating in which I tell.

An emotionally uncertain primary

and now coming back down as well.

trying to get the hang of this

read= Red

red Red

rose, before coming down = Red, Red, Rose

or, after seeing some others,

one red pink rose?

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Exactly right John B. Figured the POW master and the inspiration would get it. Tho for a bit I thought hugemonkey might bust me again.

My explanation is on it's way.


I still hate the Canes...

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If you dont care to look and want to keep going I will oblige


For starters I'm sounding triumphant.-- "triumphant" or won "sounding" same as "ONE" (For starters are the only two words that do not go to the answer; just state this is the first word of the riddle.)

Participating in which I tell.-- "participating in" or hidden in "whicH I Tell"

An emotionally uncertain primary-- "an emotionally uncertain primary" = "RED" (established earlier if you want to go back thru the thread)

And now coming back down as well.-- "and" or combined with the word "NOW". "coming back down as well" or backwards = "WON DER"

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