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not a big deal but



the thingie on top below the brainden logo that shows me how mahy new and unread messages I have is a little messed up.

I dunno, again, no big deal,

but it keeps telling me I have two less unread messages than I actually have

right now it reads "-2 unread messages"

I don't even know why I bother mentioning this

I'll just add two to whatever it says

I think that's ONE thing I'm smart enough to do

EDIT: 200th post, yay!

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go to your inbox and try to go through (open) each message - don't forget 2nd page if applicable ...

you can have 50 messages in total ... to send further messages you should delete some of them if already reached the allowed 50

you could try deleting all messages and start with 0 again

btw, I am thinking about changing this forum - using another boards package ... since this is just phpbb 3 beta 5 version and there is no support for update to phpbb 3 stable version ... I am just investigating if it would be possible to update it to some other bulletin board system - my current favorite is quite expensive - http://www.invisionpower.com/community/board/

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