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Funny Classroom 2



Alex: can i borrow you ruler

Josh: yes

Alex Broke his ruler

Josh: hey my ruler!

Alex give back his ruler

Josh: why are you give me 1 shorter/broken ruler?

Alex: because i have no ruler. my mother say ''don buy ruler because ruler is expensive'' and i said ''how much?'' my mother said ''$8494.50''

Josh: you mother is stupid not much ''$8494.50''

Alex: WHAT?!?!?!

Alex take out her textbook and smash Josh

Josh is ran away

Alex is angry


Teacher: OK class how many oranges in your textbook and how much oranges?

Student: There are 95789798749824987249827574987542408971480491481 Oranges. Cost $98798987897897987984584984897418979879871.564



Teacher: Good Morning class

Student: Good Night Teacher

Teacher: huh?! it morning is it?

Student:no its Night

Teacher is angry


Teacher: OK its exam now don try to cheat ok?!

Student is quiet and try cheat

Teacher Caught Tom

Teacher: Hey, i told u don try cheat!

Tom: But everyone want to cheat

Teacher: Why?

Tom: because you tell everyone try to cheat

Teacher: i hate this Student! get out! everyone!

Student didn't get out

Teacher is very angry

ok i make 4 Joke of Collection of Funny Classroom 2

i hope you laugh

i need you post this joke i want to see and i laugh before i post this Jokes coming soon February , 1 , 2008 i make Funny Classroom 3

i hope you happy

don trying ban me OK?

this is boring because they don coming in here and

-please look down-


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3 answers to this question

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hi ZFX8,

no offense, but regardless of whether or not you can speak English well, your jokes arent really jokes, they just dont make sense at all.

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i made on www.futurearena.com only

i don know make new jokes it doesn't make sense i dun want make Funny Classroom 4

im sorry make doesn 't make sense

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