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This one should also be easy. But was fun to write.

Our mother died and we fell from her.

Amidst a labyrinth of dark, we were.

Somehow I knew which way to go,

My sibling died, but I must grow.

I reached for breath, but my path was blocked.

I suddenly found myself fighting a rock.

I cracked it asunder and continued to rise.

Aching for a glimpse of clear blue skies.

Into a stretch, an expanse I came,

And heavenward still I continued to aim.

My pits gave way to an odorous scent.

Spicy and flavorful, with a savory accent.

Soon enough, I became,

The thing for which you need a name.

Many cousins have I,

Different scents for which to dry.

Some of us are toxic to you,

Others still, a medicinal brew.

You will know me because of my bloom,

But I’ll have no bark to make you a broom.

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Oooh! VERY VERY good answer. I LOVE it. I wish it were my answer, but it isn't. Well, in a way it is. But I'm looking for a more general word. However. I do think, I might make that the answer when I put it in my riddle book (although, of course, I don't plan to give the answers). I love you answer. You are in the right direction, though. Something else, obviously of similar nature.

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how bout like seedlings or just germinated plants

Okay, we have plants used to make tea, used for medicinal purposes, and cooking, etc. What would a witch maybe use for medicine?

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maybe herbs

Yes!!! this is the answer. Another one is coming out.

I'm on Riddle #64. I'm seriously running out of ideas. But I must make 36 more. Lord help me. I need to pick up a book.

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Heheh, leaves was my first guess, but I guess I was wrong... Wait, what do you mean, you MUST make 36 more? :)

Well, I don't MUST. But, I'm trying to write a riddle book. And I've decided to make 100 decent riddles ranging from easy to hard, in it.

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