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Okay, another one. I think it's easy, but we'll see.

A means of helping you survive,

But you don’t need me to walk or drive,

I’m merely here so you’ll appear,

More civilized with others near.

Use me not, you’ll live as well,

But, others may think, in a cave, you dwell.

Even still, in other lands,

It is fine to use your hands.

I am such a simple device,

Others think two stick will suffice.

Either way, I do exist.

If you need me, I’ll assist.

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Ah, shoot
My thought was spoon, but fork is just as good. I shouldn't have gone into it with the two sticks or hands. : )

just read the riddle and stupidly read the answer

but it could also be


two sticks could mean - all you need in a cave, as in to make fire but far from civilized society

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HaHa A lighter!!!(say yes so i don't feel like i just saidtoilet paper)

Please use the spoiler button. The answer has already been guessed. But, you may continue to guess for your own pleasure if you like. Your guess is incorrect.

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