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Sir Digby Stout’s archeology team

Unearthed a find, a scientists dream!

Buried beneath the harsh sands of time . . .

A temple like Khufu, sealed and sublime!

They found the entrance located at base

And tunneled their way to a wide open space.

Upon the floor and stored within vats

Was the dust of wheat and the remnants of chaff.

“Certainly here at the level of ground,

Were stores for the slaves!” Digby uttered profound.

They made their way to the next lofty level

And in their new find all the team quickly reveled.

Gems a-plenty filled up half of the room,

Fruits of their labor lighting up in the gloom.

Apple red rubies and garnets like grapes

Left Digby’s team stunned, mouths all agape!

But that is not all, for in the other half lay,

Tributes to harvest in gold-leafed display!

After filling their packs the team climbed again,

But the next floor was horror, causing fear in the men!

The stench of rot tainted the air

And strewn in the room, bones here and there.

Ghastly and ghoulish this level they left,

Of milky white bones and the stale smell of death!

At last the team managed their way to the top,

A curious room where time seemed to stop,

With vials of oil for anointing a king,

And sweet smelling perfumes to make the birds sing.

A sarcophagus too, inscribed with the name

Of the temple it seems, can you guess the same?

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