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A Surprising Riddle


A brain in a belly and the belly is a box.

Open up a door to release the door’s lock.

Arm-in-arm rubbing shoulders in the dark,

Waiting for the bite, biting back on the bark.

Metal in the mouth

Mouth out of reach

Waiting for the party getting started on the beach.

Wheel on a heel

The heel doesn't feel

This is what you win when you sin with a steal!

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A combat plane or helicopter.

Maybe, but the riddle title has to be figured in as well, I think.

Edited by Grayven

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TKO'd! Well done!

Trojan Horse

Odysseus was the brains behind the brawn, the problem solver. He and some three dozen or so other well-armed warriors waited silently in the belly of the horse, two more soldiers high in the mouth to watch for signs that the fleet had returned to the shores of Troy, at which point they would open a trap door. egress, and then open the gates of Troy for the Greek army to enter.

Tough I know. But good work TKO. And pretty handy with that pun action Grayven.

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