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Apple, apple are you there?!

Where you land I surely care.

On the ground I go in.

In my house, I’m out again.

Apple, apple in the hand!

Seeds to sow the spite of man.

Take a bite and see the red,

Apple seeds to grow the dead.

In case you just don't understand it . . .

Apples are like pomegranates!

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Pineapple, slang for... GRENADE!


Then we would ALL be Shakee-ing. Nice riddle from the one and only; it was a blast. And I promise to cut out the puns now.

My tipoff was from looking up pomegranate to follow the Persephone and Hades trail, and then finding out its French name :blush:

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As always, Shakee, it was my pleasure to supply the incorrect knee-jerk answer you were hoping for. :bow:

I actually think you're getting better at these if that's possible. Rewrites are minimal and your explications are succinct and engaging. You've mastered the craft, I'd say.

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