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See the Star...there are 10 corners. The Task is one has to cancel out 9 corners and should be left with just one...But there are conditions on cancelling the corners. I have numbered the corners for simplicity of understanding the rules.

1. The corners coming on count of 3 should be only cut. eg. 1-6-8 (Cut Corner 8 )

2. You cannot start the count from the corner which is cut. eg. if 8 is cut you cannot start from 8

3. You have to always traverse in straight line. No zigzag allowed. eg. 1-7-6 or 1-2-6 is not valid.

4. You cannot jump corners. eg. 1-9-4 is not valid.

5. You can have a cut corner is middle of the traversed path. eg. if 8 is cut - 6-8-3 is valid.


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The Trick is to follow a sequence. – The Next corner that you cut should be first corner of the previous sequence. Eg. 1st.1-2-3 (Cut 3), 2nd. 5-6-1 (Cut 1), 3rd. 9-8-5 (Cut 5).


1-6-8 (Cut 8 )

9-7-1 (Cut 1)

3-10-9 (Cut 9)

6-8-3 (Cut 3)

5-7-6 (Cut 6)

10-9-5 (Cut 5)

2-8-10 (Cut 10)

7-6-2 (Cut 2)

4-9-7 (Cut 7)

Remaining is 4

There can be other sequences as well.

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