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Golden Riddle


Gaze upon the golden boughs reaching up to sky!

Mark how seeded blossoms blaze, a miracle of fire!

Three go east, three go west

At a lofty king’s behest,

Pure heart beaten, for the best,

Six to flank a spire.

Look upon the mighty shield now guarding in a land

Once willed within a missive to a father’s fertile band.

Seven brothers mark the week,

Eight the magic days to keep,

Frame to form what prophets meet,

It’s mission but a stand.

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Whoa. Very nicely put..... this one got me thinking.

...a compass rose?

The second was very familiar to me, but you'll see why in a minute. ;)

= the seven gods who the days of the week are named for;

=the eight holidays of Wicca (Four solstice/equinoxes, four for marking the start of the seasons)...

--a calendar.

Feel free to tell me if I'm even close, but this is what my first instincts are telling me.

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a menorah, though some details elude me, as always

Holy Moly!


An icon with multiple symbolism. The seven branches reflect the seven days of the week of unending devotion to the Lord. The shape of the menorah is to reflect the burning bush that Moses (prophet) "met." The Lord commanded the menorah to be beaten out of pure gold with almond blossom cups (almonds are actually seeds, not nuts) to hold the olive oil that burns. The miracle of the original menorah in the temple was when the oil ran out but the menorah still burned for eight days until it could be replenished. The menorah is a three-thousand year old symbol of the Hebrew religion and is depicted on the coat of arms adorning the flag of Israel, the land promised (willed) to Abraham’s line, he being the First patriarch. The menorah is basically just a stand to hold the flame.

Wow! That's some fine discernment there, Cap'n, keep it up!

Edited by Shakeepuddn

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