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suicide is bad



Okay.. I dunno if this is done before, but I thought of it listening to a stand up comedian and... mk you don't care about that do you? You wanna hear a riddle huh?

So, there is a hotel that has 40 floors.

If your jump from the first floor, it takes x time to hit the ground

If you jup from the third floor, it takes 3x time to hit the ground

If you jump from the tenth floor, it takes 10x time to hit the ground

But if you jump from the 20th floor, it does not take 20x time to hit the ground

take out the physics that make this complicated, in other words:

the force of gravity stays constant the whole time.

There is no wind resistance.

you always fall at the exact same rate.

So how come it doesn't take 20x time to fall 20 floors?

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