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I know this would be like, impossible...

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I know this would be like, impossible... but could you make a page, where every single, riddle, hint, and solution where put? Like, a download-able pdf. maybe? And it would be organized and their would be different categories, and it would be updated every week or so.

I would love this because, if you are on a long plane or bus ride, this would be perfect.

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every single page should be easy to print (just the puzzles without menu) ... try to print http://brainden.com/logic-puzzles.htm

I have created a file with all solutions long time ago (.doc and .txt) - check http://brainden.com/solutions.htm

regarding weekly updates, if you find an automated solution for that (maybe some mod in phpbb) you can let me know

btw, I have several ideas which I would like to try ... they include:

1. creating rss channel for new puzzles (so that you can see new puzzles in your rss reader)

2. creating weekly newsletters (to list all new puzzles added in previous week)

3. ranking users

4. new mods etc.

all of it depends on when phpbb3 stable version comes out and if I have some time (a lot of time ) for that

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I have implemented new bulletin board system which enables the above mentioned improvements ... for instance, you can subscribe to each forum and be notified (immediately, daily, weekly) of any updates (new posts)

ranking is here as well ... and lots of other new features

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