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Murder Mystery V



here's another one I only know vaguely. But I know enough to make sense.

I can't remember any more so from now on I'll be makin them up.

(just so you know, i really don't agree with the answer and this is one of his biggest jumps to a conclusion)

So, our man goes to a call of (ooh, here's a new one) a dissapearing person.

A woman, named Lisa Whinchecker went missing one day, and no trace of her was found...

Detective guy (i'll give him a name in the next one) interrogates the husband, Johnny Whinchecker.

"Do you have any idea where she could've gone?" Asks mista detective.

"None at all, I tried checking her email for a clue, but nothing" Johnny replies.

A man walks up to the two. "How's it goin?" he says.

"Do you know about a certain Lisa Whinchecker? Or do you know Johnny here by any chance?" Says detective.

"well, no I don't really... I think i helped Lisa with her gardenin' once, I live down the street."

The detective begins to ask Johnny a few routine questions when he hears the neighbor say "ooh, you got somethin shiny there in your fireplace"

He bends down and picks up a wedding ring...

Of course your first idea would have been to arrest Johnny for burning and murdering his wife.

But instead, he arrests the neighbor...

How did he know?

(really sucky answer, I doubt anyone'll guess it because it SUCKS so bad)

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So, apparently the guy who found the ring was guilty because unless he was the one burning the wife, he wouldnt've known whether the woods were still scalding hot or not...

Hey, don't blame me,

ok blame me.

I shouldnt've put this on here...

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Before investigating a missing person report, said person has to be missing for 48-72 hours. That is plenty of time for a fireplace to cool. But one question arises, why would a random neighbor walk up to an investigation and start looking for things if he doesn't know the people and only helped with her gardening once???

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