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It' got a hard exterior

And a flexible chewy middle

'Gross' stuff is generated inside

If you're smart, you'll solve this riddle...

It will probably get solved in no time!

Who Am I?

Where Am I?

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Nice, but once again.... (everyone say it with me...) NO CAKE!!!

:excl::ph34r::excl: ninja man is startled by the sudden notion of cake...

maybe it's a!!..

stink bomb.

also, i'm not sure, but it might be a tooth, i don't know but they might have chewy gross stuffs inside of them.

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people in a car, possibly in the back seat doing "gross" things. not sure how chewy people are though

lol lets keep the rating PG here pple...not to be shrewed...

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right now i'm thinking of................

a pimple sounds good but i'm thinking of a booger

and how do i add a signature?? PLZ

lol thanx for agreeing with me :lol:

and about that sig., try clicking on "My Controls" and look for "Edit my signature" on the left side of the screen, then click on it. after that just add anything you want :D...well, within reason...

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