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Customized Mafia

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Sort of done in another thread but I thought I'd make this specific to roles

Here you can add Mafia characters that can be used as written or modified

You can take one that has already been developed and tweak it crank it or diversify it.

Name/role:- Ivor Tiqet -Traffic Cop

Alignment - Diversion

Ability - Night can divert a player .. Odd nights random, Even nights to a target, days 2&4 impound car (cancels player vote)

Link - http...etc ... If you use/make a role that can be linked to wiki/youtube etc add it here

we can add these to a game that any one can pluck from as well as the usual characters, be very creative

Name:- Mr Po Shen, Chinese takeaway/delivery.

Alignment - Healer

Ability - Every night can give a free potion to anyone, heals them that night or 50/50 chance the next night if unused. then potion expires. Prime nights - can leave a fortune cookie with information on a players ability, given to those that target him

Link fortune cookie mssg

Hosts can add secrets, redesign to balance a game

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Cool ideas LIS.

I had one...

a character that can cause another to repeat the previous action.

Name.. Pete Repete

alignment..any but better as a baddie I think

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ok another one for ya..

Name: Killowatt

(after my nephew Kolya)

ability : Speed. can double the power of anything or anyone. Or could be a saving role. Runs in and out fast and grabs intended target.

alignment : good

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