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you know something is wrong when:

-an inanimate object tells you to get a life

-you start to hear violin shrieks when you see your girlfriend/boyfriend

-the twilight show theme song suddenly seems like the theme of your life

-when your computer starts to call you names

-your mirror just breaks all of the sudden when you look at it

-your bed says,"NO!!!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!!!!" when you get in it.

-your dad tries to act younger than you... *shudders*

lol go ahead and add your own

*inspired by Y-san's you know you've been on BD too long when...

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When you're gardening and all the sudden every type of plant around you (even weeds) wilts. And when you're walking to go inside, the wilted plants trip you.

When you finally realize that all those jokes you're friends were making about you were actual insults.

When people don't even try to talk about you behind your back, but rather in front of your face.

When you're up 'till 11:12 PM writing comments on BrainDen.

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