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In an imaginary land, it was well known that if you had taken a poison, the only way to cure yourself is by drinking a stronger poison, that would act to neutralize the previous less strong poison.

The king of the land wanted to possess the strongest poison that could be made for him to survive in any case involving poisons. So the king ordered the king's pharmacist John, and the king's treasurer Peter, to make the strongest poison in a week . At the end of the week, each of them will drink the other's poison, then his own poison, and the one who stays alive, shall have the poison that is stronger.

The pharmacist John started his work, but the treasurer Peter knew his chances were so low because of John's field experience. So, he did a plan to stay alive and make John die. On the last day John realized that Peter would know his chances are low, so he must do a plan to stay alive. A while later, John knew what the treasurer's plan was, and made a counter plan, for him to stay alive and for Peter to die.

The time came for them to meet the king. They took the poisons as the king ordered, and Peter the treasurer was poisoned, John the pharmacist stayed alive, and the king didn't have any benefit from them.

What exactly happened there?

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