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This one kind of surprises me purely because I thought it up...

Which clearly means it must be easy, cuz I'm not a genius.

In a household a new rule is established...

When you are done brushing, the cap must be in the same place as it was when you started brushing your teeth.

So if the cap is on the tube prior to your brushing, then you must put the cap back on when you're done brushing.

and if the cap ISN'T on the tube prior to your brushing, then you must make sure not to put the cap back on.

The tube starts out with the cap on.

but after only a few days, the cap is off the tube.

Everyone followed the rules, and no one moved the cap outside of brushing their teeth.

So how did this happen?

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umm, if you mean what I think you mean:


One person came up and started brushing, because the cap was on before they started, once they finished they'd have to put the cap back on.

But before they finished, another person started brushing, the cap was off because the other person wasn't finished yet.

So the first person finishes first and puts the cap back on. Then the second person finishes and takes the cap off...


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Here's the scenario.....

Kid one enters the bathroom, takes the cap off and starts brushing.(cap was on)

Kid two enters bathroom, starts brushing.(cap was off)

Kid one finishes brushing.(puts cap back on)

Kid two finishes brushing.(takes cap back off)

Both followed the rules.

Theres the paste on the sink, oozing all over the place and spreading terrible staphyllococcus to every member of the family.

By the next week the cap has mysteriously appeared back on the tube at the end of the day but no one is home to witness it. They're all in the hospital. Dang rules.


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