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Meet me at the library


It was only yesterday they found out -- I guess Morty's just isn't

the place to talk about such things. They all love to read!

Alex ran into Jamie at the town library, and just minutes later Davey

showed up. I didn't know you boys loved the books, said Alex, I guess

we browse different shelves. It does seem strange we haven't run into

each other before, said Jamie, especially since I come here every other

day. Davey seemed surprised as well. And I come here every third day,

he said. Well, said Alex, I must load up on more books than you boys do,

because I only drop by every fourth day.

The librarian, overhearing the conversation, reminded them that

the library was closed on Wednesdays. They all nodded, and each

of them explained that when their normal visit falls on Wednesday,

they come on Thursday instead, and count from there.

Well I'm off to the math books, winked Alex, I hope we all see

each other here again soon. If I'm right in my figuring, it will

be on a Monday.

Well that's my story. And now you know an interesting secret about

the boys down at Morty's. And about me, too, I guess. You see, I

just noticed that this is the day for my weekly visit to the library.

If you've followed the clues, you know my library visits fall on ....

Sunday. It's only coincidence this was posted on a Sunday.

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how come morty's isn't the place to mention loving books?

I mean, come on. They don't seem to have much problem with being smart.

Alex didn't hide his studying of physics did he?

So how come they don't mention books?

I love the Morty's bar way of posting riddles though,

can't wait for the next one.

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Maybe it takes a visit to Morty's to appreciate it, but when the boys

gather there, it's more about swagger than brains. They're near-genius,

some of them, at times, but they're what one might call closet geniuses.

And visiting a Library [there's a rumor of Internet access coming to town,

soon, but for now the Library is their main resource] just might cast a

shadow of weakness at their nightly discussions. I guess they'd like the

others to think they get answers all on their own. In the story, each visited

less frequently than the others as they admitted their habit.

And, since you caught me on the Internet physics thing, Alex was visiting

the States when he did that ... uh ...

Anyway, we have a motion already on the floor -- uh, puzzle still to solve --

before we next look in on Morty's.

What day do I visit the Library?

[Clue - it's multiple choice. ... take a stab at it.]

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I tried workin it out after a test in geography...

It's kinda hard.

The fact that it is closed on wednesday throws me off a lot more than I thought it would....

Don't post a spoiler though Bona, I want to work it out

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