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Anyone ever played mastermind? The game where you try to guess a sequence of four colored pegs? Well, I've invented a variation on it that I've been playing with my family. My version is played with words! So here's how the game works: I come up with a word (4-6 letters works best, but you can play with any length). Then everyone else guesses words. I tell you if you have any letters right and whether or not they are in the right place. (x = right letter right place, o = right letter wrong place) The guesses must be the same length as the word being guessed.

Here's an example:

word to be guessed:



laugh: o

curse: o

drown: xx

peels: _ (none right)

spent: o

brown: xxx

brood: xx

brain: xxxxx!

Ready to play?

I'm thinking of a 5 letter word...

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