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Ok - this is a game where you game on different sites and stuff. the one with the highest score for the night wins, but if we play, you all have to be honest.

there will be a map, and you move around. you can roll a die at home, or i can roll it for you. you move to different spaces to play different games. the one with the highest score for that nights game wins that night. The one with the lowest score is out.

Is there any games with scores out there? Not that you can really beat (or if you can, its rare), but one with a score?

If its free tell, me and ill make an accountfor people to use in the game. If you want, it can be something where you have to pay to play (if you have an account there), but the players would know the username and password.

If you want to play, you can sign up now or wait. Maximum is 10.

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