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Ok, this is based on an actual event that happend about 2 years ago.

There is a report of a car explosion, killing two people (real people didn't die though)

the only clues are the blown up car, and a severed electrical wire directly above the car.

There are many conclusions you can come to, the article I read was vague, and this is the best I could do.

But if you come to the conclusion that really happend two years ago.

I believe you may find it somewhat humerous.

except for...

well, it involves the death of a squirrel

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what? no one feels up to it?

Can't blame you.

I wrote this one really bad so there's no way anyone would come up with...

A squirrel was nibbling on a telephone wire when a spark caught him on fire.

The flaming squirrel fell off the wire onto the car below.

I'm not sure how this part worked but his body slid into the engine compartment.

Flaming squirrel+engine compartment=KABOOOM!!!

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