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Latin (two years worth so far) - so I could help with some, should anyone need it ;)

*tackles* I've just started taking Latin. Explain the Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, and Ablative stuff?! Please. I don't get it.. (Mainly because no one's ever explained it..)

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*tackles* I've just started taking Latin. Explain the Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, and Ablative stuff?! Please. I don't get it.. (Mainly because no one's ever explained it..)

Suddenly I lost my interest in learning Latin... ;)

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This topic is for letting people know your expertise, watch the off topic posts.

As for me...Hmm...I don't really have much beyond high school as I haven't gone to college just yet but I do have a fairly good understanding of Computers and Computer Networking since that's what I do for my job in the military. I also actually enjoy Math and Science so I can help out there too. As for English, I can't really help you with literature (not much of a reader) but I'm pretty good with grammar. Umm...Beyond that, I'm happy to help with whatever is needed...If I don't know I'll leave it to some of the other braindenizens to help. :D

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Specialities - I live in England so I only use England thingies

English - Spelling

Maths - Algebra


Science - Biology

Geography - Volcanoes

History - Romans (apparently)

Middle Ages (especially the Bubonic Plague and the Fire of London 1966)

Art - Drawing Flowers

French - Level 3.8

IT - Just about anything

Music - Keyboard (that's all my teacher has taught about yet)

Yeah - that's about all my specialities. PM me if you need help, k?

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Well since I'm only a sophomore, I guess I don't have as much as some of you guys but I think I can help with a few things.

Math: Up to Calculus

English: Spelling, Poetry, Grammar, and Writing papers (except introductions, I'm horrible at those)

History: Up to 12th grade

Science: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science

Music: Band for three years and since then self-taught

Foreign Languages: Some french and Spanish (Could also help with many other languages with help from teacher)

Computers: Go to Technology school so lots about them

I'm here if anyone needs help :D

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Is there anything left for me??? :huh:

Ok I'm not a genious or anything like that, but I'd be glad to help.

I'm pretty good in math: calculus, algebra.

Spanish: You can ask anything, it's my 2nd main language ;)

Computer programming, networking, technical support (repairing and building) and most of the common software we use everyday.

Not a graphic designer but I can do some stuff in PS ;)

Hummm.... What else???

Well can't remember right now, actually it's kind of hard to say all you know about, but if you want some help just ask... If I don't know, I'll look for a good answer. :)

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I seem to be good at confusing people ;) (E.g. There's a very good TV programme on in the UK about Darwin's Tree of Life but this has recently been discarded by the scientific community for being outdated and inaccurate.)

Queen's English grammar I seem to be OK at but please don't ask me to explain it. I can write a sentence but I do not know the different names for grammatical terms. I got as far as noun and verb but past participative is beyond me :huh:

Treatment options for cancer (as that's part of my job). I'm not sure how useful this will be.

In other words, I'll answer what I can but I'm sure there are better Braindenizens than I.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not sure of exact qualifications, (since the majority of my education occurred in the 5th grade, curled up in a corner with a few high school textbooks.) but,

I have read and have access to textbooks on:


Conceptual Chemistry

Intermediate Algebra

Conceptual Physics

Have high school credit, or am currently enrolled in, and have a good understanding of:



Intermediate Algebra

Environmental Science

First Aid (Taught by a certified EMT)


3rd Grade level French (French III)


Pretty much I'll give advice when I know what I'm talking about, and when I can get online

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Well, I'm an Electronics Technician and an Electrical Engineer, doing my masters in Wireless Networks. Here are some of my qualifications:

-Calculus: differential equations, integrals, limits (taught private lessons)

-Algebra: matrices calculations, vectors

-Physics: classic, specially electromagnetism, and modern (taught private lessons)

-Programming Languages: Assembly, C++, Pascal, Java (Sun Certified in 2004) (worked for 2,5 years in the field)

-Software Engineering: UML, class diagrams, process models

-Probability: one of my best qualifications, as it's the basis for my research on Wireless Networks

-Computer Networks: equipments, OSI and TCP/IP models, simulations (I was a lab. teacher for a year and a half)

-Communication Systems: antennas, modulation schemes, cellular systems planning

-Electronics: basics, circuit analysis, digital systems, microcontrollers programming, DSP

-Signals and Systems: Fourier, Laplace and Z Transforms

-Languages: portuguese (native speaker), english (fluent), spanish (fluent)

Anything you need, just PM me!

Edit: corrections

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Math- Algebra 2, Trig, Statistics

History- US and European with specialty in WWII

Science- Chem, Physics

English- Rhetoric and assorted other specialties

Languages- some Latin, Spanish to an intermediate level, and well English to a very high degree.

My education has been sort of random.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Math - up though Calculus and Differential Equations

Chemical Engineering - through Junior level in College (everything minus design)

Chemistry - through Principles 1&2 and Organic Chemistry 1&2 in College (Would be AP Chem for high school)

Physics - kinda rusty College level Physics 101 and 102 and statics

Oral Presentation - 4 Yrs experience (Project mgmt and Teamwork class)

Also some VBA, pascal, and Basic

PM me if you need help on any of these Specifically

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I figured that I might as well add my name to this list, maybe let someone else take advantage of my $30,000/year Big Ten education!

(If that sounded arrogant I apologize, it was not meant to be taken as such.)

My Major is Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, so I have extensive background in

-Philosophy of all eras, from Socrates and Aristotle to Machiavelli and Hobbes to Foucalt and Fanon

-Reasons for and styles of different regimes, including a bit of International Relations experience

-Rhetoric, Research Papers, Argumentative Theses; basically, any type of paper you need written I can help with


-I have a Specialization in African-American Studies, so I can help with almost anything in that particular field

-Del mismo modo, tengo un especialización del idioma español, y sería felíz ayudarte.

Also, I can help with Game Theory (Economic and Political Strategy) as well as History of all sorts.

As an afterthought, I am a compulsive reader and very good with English Literature (I got a 5 on the AP English test, and I took it as a junior in High School!) and this is also a particular passion of mine. If you don't really need help with Twain, Cervantes, Dumas, Salinger, et al but just want to talk about them PM me! I'm always down to talk about great books.

Feel free to ask me if you need any help with any of the above!

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I can help with the most random things. Since I still am in school, I can help fellow 7th graders or younger, but no one older than that. For the most part though, I may be the one asking for help! :P But seriously, I can help when it comes to the most random facts and obselete knowledge, just cuz' I'm weird like that!

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math- 9th grade*

science-10th grade*

LA-7th grade*(i am dislexic so i suck at writing)

SS-9th grade *

but realy if you need help my friends call me maglopedia i know a lot of radomd but usefull to some one facts i will take a wack at anything

*thease are apromix grads i go to a chollage set school so it is more advance corces so you may want to add a year or to, to all except LA

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm a Senior in High School, so...

Math: Statistics 101 and Pre-Calculus

Science: Basic Chemistry and Human Biology

English: Not my strongest subject, let us leave it at that

History: Very good with Government, Geography, U.S History, World History, can edit papers...

Music: Music Theory 101,102. Keyboarding, Composition... I'm planning on this being my major

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I can help with many a random thing. I seem to remember the most pointless, obscure facts that are not all that useful generally but can be occasionally, like at pub quiz/trivia nights.

However the one area where I can offer help, that doesn't appear to be covered, is in geology and earth science (degree level). I am a geologist after all. So any questions about rocks and stuff, feel free to ask, if I don't know I know someone that will, if of course there's an answer.

I will wait patiently for someone to say there speciality is alchemy, so that all the galena I find can be turned to gold!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Alternatively I will answer 42.

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  • 4 months later...

I'm a high school senior, and I've been in most AP classes you can think of, but that doesn't mean I can recollect all or even most of what I learned in those classes. Most notably I've taken Calculus 2 and by the end of this semester I'll know DiffyQ and might remember my Calc2 better; any lower math except specific portions of precalc and geometry should be easy for me. I'd also be happy to help with English, essays, or just grammar checking. Very minimal (though hopefully growing) Java experience. Also, I can recommend easy (and harder) songs to learn for the guitar.

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  • 2 months later...

I guess I can try to help out when I can.

I'm only a sophomore, so I'm not exactly the most qualified person on BrainDen.

I will list the courses I have taken/am taking in high school.

Core courses:

Science: physics 1-2, in chemistry 1

English: english 1-2, in english 3

Social Studies: American history, in economics

Math: algebra 3-4, in pre-calc/trig


Computer science

basic Scheme programming

in Java 1-2

in Cisco Networking


CAD 1-2

Intro to Engineering Design

That's pretty much all I've taken/am taking. If you need help with basic Networking/programming/finding your way around Windows XP, you can contact me. Computers are my specialty.

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Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Courses and labs in DSP, Embedded systems, and RF esp. telemetry. Fluent in Spanish (also:lived in various parts of for Mexico 2 years). I try to be as 'renaissance man' as possible, so I have taken some courses in philosophy, linguistics, history, art, and music.

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i can help too......

english is my strongest subject (comparatively)......:)

informatics - visual basic and a bit of java (still learning)

biology, physics and a bit of chem (upto 10/11th grade....depends)

and of course....general knowledge

i also know a few things about art (mainly painting, cooking,etc.....my dad taught me)

ok....now i feel silly.... :blush::D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, I may not be the first choice as a homework helper, as I probably won't be on the computer again until a month from now, but I can help in:

Math. If I can't do it, my dad was a math minor in college.

Science. Don't expect pure awesomeness, but I dabble in random sciences. Just don't ask about geology or archeology.

Music. I have one of the best piano teachers in the world, and no this is not boasting or exaggerating. I have a nice knowledge of music theory as well.

And if someone decides to get me to help them anyway, I will be honoured, and try to help.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Biology - Advanced high school level

Chemistry - Beginning college level

Computer Hardware - Journeyman level circuitboard troubleshooting, micro-soldering and installation of physical parts

Computer Science - Intermediate college level with emphasis on object-oriented programming and encryption / decryption protocol

Electronics - Journeyman level electrical theory incl. commercial and residential wiring code

English - Advanced post graduate structural analysis and legal / theoretical writing practice

German - Basic sentence structure and pronunciation

History (American) - Advanced college level

History (Aviation) - Advanced aviation history with emphasis on military uses post Great War

History (General) - Intermediate college level

History (Military) - Advanced college level

History (WWII) - Advanced post graduate military and socio-economic WWII history and familiar with (and access to) most of the writings of the major players in the war on all sides

Japanese - Basic sentence structure and pronunciation

Mathematics - Intermediate college level

Psychology - Beginning college level

And topics that I didn't actually study, but know from having done them:

Animal rearing - 10 yrs experience raising animals for food

Animal slaughtering - 10 yrs experience slaughtering above animals

Computer hardware - 17 yrs experience building computers from component

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  • 7 months later...

hm, as a 12 year old, i dont really have that good of an education.

Math: my favorite subject, just finished geometry, got to state mathcounts

Language Arts/English: ok grammar, poetry, etc.

Science: lot of experience, won 3rd place in my category (botany) at the science fair, when testing for science olympiad in 6th grade i got the 3rd highest overall score out of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders(i sucked at chemistry, but i just finished reading a book about the elements, so i should be a little better)

Social Studies/Geography: ancient civilizations, world history(kind of), parents are from india and i have visited a few times so a little knowledge there

Music: play piano, viola, and french horn, am in choir, got to all state honor choir in 5th grade(only one in my class)

Foreign languages: speak hindi, english, some spanish, very little french, even less german, and know how to say hello in several different languages

I also like to draw/paint/sketch/art in general.

hope you guys can figure out if im of any help or not.

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