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I have a ton of trivia stuck in my brain. And as I am soon to start 9th grade, I don't really have extensive knowledge in tons of stuff.

However, I tend to be a good help in algebra and geometry and other maths as well as a bit of geography but not too greatly. I also know a bit of music theory.

So basically, I know near to NOTHING! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Still a kid, but:

English - Good vocabulary, great (not to brag) grammar/spelling checker

Math - I do math higher than my current grade. :P

Computer - Basic programming skills using Python, quick to figure out ones like Lua, but unfortunately no experience with C/C++/etc. Also basic web design (HTML/CSS/JS)

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Math: Just finished Pre-calc/Trig

English/LA: Good at grammar and stuff, pretty decent overall, I can help edit papers and things, I can come up with half-decent poetry withing minutes. Also, I do a lot of writing in my spare time, so if someone needs help with sentence structure, fluidity, etc., I can help.

SS: Currently doing US History, but this is my weakest subject and I hate it, so don't expect too much help. However, my parents are from India, and I have a lot of background and knowledge there. So if anyone needs help with something about India, I can really help.

Science: Just finished Biology. I have an interest in astronomy, and I have a basic understanding of it. I can help somewhat in basic chemistry, i.e. elements and things.

Languages: I am fluent in Hindi, speak some Spanish, a little bit of German, and my sister can speak French. I also know a little bit of Japanese, but I doubt that matters.

Music: I am in choir, and have been for 3 years. I also play piano. I know a decent amount of music theory.

Other: I write fanfiction in my spare time, so anything having to do with that, I know. I.e., editing papers, coming up with ideas, helping write papers, etc. I also watch a lot of anime, so if, for some reason, you need help with that, I might be able to help. I draw/sketch/paint/etc. a lot too, so I know a bit of art theory.

So yeah, still not a lot of help. :lol:

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