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It was a very cool evening. The setting sun doesn’t give enough warmth to the places, not even said it was raining too.

Person who rushed to the small town – Awesomville, had no choice but postpone their journey by logging at a small inn near the River of Awesomville.

The business of the inn became extra ordinary good. The little bar was packed with warriors, travelers and tradesmen. By looking at how heavy the rain was, they decided to stay overnight at this inn.

They were chatting while enjoying the beer. The atmosphere in the bar getting noisier and noisier. Nobody realized there was a man quietly sitting at one of the deepest corner. No one saw his face clearly. His big hat, with his head-bowed, portion; looked like he was asleep.

The owner of the inn, who was also the owner of the bar, handed over a big mug of beer to the lonely stranger.

“What a great night, isn’t it?” said the inn-owner.

“I think we have who we are looking for among them. But we will see then. There is still a long way to prove.” The stranger replied, but kept his head bowed.

“Yes, a long way to go.” The owner smiled, looked at the crowd and then moved back to his bar desk.

Soon, the crowd went back to the room they rented, one after one, leaving the owner of the inn, and the mysterious stranger.

The rain got more heavily, but the bar was empty. Finally the stranger stood up, walked to the bar desk and spoke to owner:

“This is the time. Woon, let’s begin!”


The sun rays broke the morning as usual. What a beautiful morning, but the people who are going to leave the inn were not enjoying the scenery. They were shocked as the inn was not in the place it should be like yesterday! The inn was in a city instead of near the Awesomville River!

The front gate of the inn started to be crowded by many people. The noise was getting louder and louder until a louder voice sounded:

Every one of you, please move yourself and gathered at the bar!

For some people who still in their rooms, start to walk down to the bar and join the crowd.

In front of them now standing a middle age man who were in a grey robe, holding a staff. After examined all of the people are at the lounge, the man spoke:

“Welcome to the City of Iohoda, the city which is next to the Ivory Castle.

“City of Iohoda? The city that has disappeared for a long time?” the audience got shocked.

Being the guardian of Ivory Castle, we, the citizen in City of Iohoda, always carry out the function of looking someone who is helpful to Ivory Castle. I will make it short, we are looking for a warrior! A great warrior which will be loved by citizen of Ivory Castle, respected by the royal family of Ivory Castle, trusted by the King of Ivory Castle. We believe one of you, deserve all these!

“Ahem,” the man cleared his throat, and continued, “After this, you may dismiss yourself and ask Woon, the owner of this inn, about what can you do in this city. The more you understand the more benefits you gain. All right guys, dismiss!”

A smog screen started saturating around the air, the man then become invisible. He was gone! The audiences were shocked but then they soon accepted that they have entered a place that full with mysteries.

So the audience quickly moved themselves to the bar desk and seek advice from the owner of the inn, woon.

When it was almost at the sun set time, they were all clear with the rules:

“Remember, when we said it is 50% of your HP, it is count from the maximum quota. Which means if your are at level 3, you maximum quota is 60, so you will gain 30 HP or which ever HP lower than 30 but make you back to 60, only if you survive” woon looked at the audience seriously.

“Clear? Then take your weapon and standby,”

The situation at the bar started to become uncontrolled. Warrior start to killing each other! Only 10 warriors remained calm and kept themselves at one corner. They were lucky to do so, because those who involved in that fighting were then killed by each others.

“Rule number 1, only attack when it is night time. I only said standby, not start!” woon shook his head to look at those stupid warriors; he then turned to the 10 survivals:

"Only 10 of the smart ones remained. Let see who are they?"

Iohoda Inn's owner: woon


1. GC

2. Dms172

3. Raeymond

4. Impervious

5. Izzy

6. Kat

7. ST

8. renan


10. Riranor

Warrior name:

1. K-T

2. Dominatrix

3. Drakone

4. Legolas

5. Puck

6. Myrddin

7. Anna Mannequin

8. Seraphim

9. Sombral

10. Zuchious

Woon looked at the sky through the window, took a deep breath and then announced. “It is the night 1. Game start!

Players, it is the night 1, you can only have 2 choice:

a. Do training, pay 2 coins and stated how many HP you going to use to do training. Remember, training experience = HP * 0.5.

If you want to choose this option. PM me and state: Training – use HP = # (number)

b. Attack players, decide how many percentage of level 1 attack strength you are going to use (10 – 100%) I will deduct the HP accordingly by referring to the table.

If you want to choose this option, PM me and state: Attack <player’s name>* with level 1 Percentage = #%

* remember it is player’s name not warrior’s name.

Night 1 will be close 36 hours from now. If I have all the PM collected earlier than that, I could do the story faster. :)

Good luck! Warriors!

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Lime! You pm is wrong. Please read the day 1 posts carefully. :)


Sorry warriors, please be patient for sometime.

Lime, I am sorry, for this time, I will random choose for you in order to make the game go smoothly. I have to make sure the other don't wait for too long.

Don't worry all the 6 NPC you are going to select will bring you good. :)

So warriors, I will post the day 1 result soon once I have random selected the options for limeliam. I hope you don't mind.

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Day 1 – The Result

I believe most of you have received the individual PM I send to everyone but, I wonder do you have figure out the riddle for day 1?

My leg is injured! Oh young

Warrior, could you help me? I

Beg you, just carry me back home. As for

Paying back you kindness, I will tell you a story

You can gain benefits from the story. Will you help me?

So, Seraphim carried the old man home, but when he turned left into another small lane, he suddenly felt there was no one on his back. He stood straight and looked back. There was no old man, but an elf smiled at him. “No worry young warrior. I don’t know you choose me because you understand my message or because you sympathy to the old man. But you choose me – the magical warrior. I see in your body, your blood as the instinct to use magic! But our first meet doesn’t make you enable to use magical power. You are only been half-awaken. See me another time will enable you to use magical attack. For Day 2 and Day 3, we will use the same secret code. When you see a person use this word, you know it is me. Our secret code is….. (I will PM you, Seraphim) :P

I need help! I am now

At the most critical moment who crazily

Need help from anyone of you. Please! I am begging

From yesterday till now. I will repay your kindness!

Sombral approached to her and ask, “Is there anything I can help, madam?” “Yes, yes, follow me!” she started running and turn to a corner. Sombral rushed to her and saw there was no sight of the old lady. Standing in front of him was a beautiful lady with a crystal crown on her head.

“Surprise? No you shouldn’t. Woon must have mentioned about me this morning. I am the treasure fairy, the fairy who will present you items, but you need to do some work for me. Bring this bag and send to my brother, who stays in the village at the north of Iohoda City. And take this wooden box as well. In any night, if you accomplish this task, the wooden box will be opened and the item inside it will be yours. Beware of the bandit outside there.”

She smiled and continued, “If you still interest to see me in either day 2 or day 3, our password is ….( I will PM you, Sombral). If you heard someone said the password in day 2 and day 3. It is me.”

Should I tell her? Should I not? Young

Warrior, if you are me would you

Tell her the truth? You don't know what I am talking about?

Sure you don't know. But if you willing to listen. We

can spend some time at the bar, I will tell you.

Legolas nodded his head to the young man. At first they walked the same speed towards the bar. But then the young man began to walk faster and kept looking back to Legolas. Legolas accelerated his foot steps and followed him. Both of them entered to a shop. The young man then shouted! “

Welcome, to my Day 1 costumer! Here is the door gift!” The young man hand a small potion with red color to Legolas.

“I am the trade man. This is my shop, for warriors like you to buy and sell your items. Here is the price list of the item you can get from me. The trade man then handed a copy of the price list to Legolas (I will pm you, Legolas).”

“The moment you step out from this door, you can’t remember how to come here again. So, how could I ensure you still able to contact me? Check the password for Day 2 and Day 3 here (I will pm you also, Legolas). So good luck my customer. I hope you like the stuff I offered here. Bye-bye”

Excuse me young warrior! I see you looking for some

Excitement? Well, do you trust me? I have some

important information would like to share with

you if you don't mind how the time pass

Huh unbelievable? Well it is

all up to you to choose!

Anna Mannequin spent about couple of hours listen the drunken guy who immediately sobered when stepped in to the bar. He looked at Anna and smiled. “Poor girl, I see how urge you need experience points.” “I will share some of my experience to you!” Anna then felt a shock from her backbone and immediately, she gain some exp points for her overall exp and physical exp.

“Fun? Well, if you remember the password that I am going to use in Day 2 and Day 3, you can see me again.”

Could anyone of you show some kindness? I am hungry.

You can see how hungry I am. I am not

lying. Sir, please help me. I just need some food. I

do not mind if it is the leftover. Please, sir. Please!

Drakone lower down his posture to the same height as the child. He then intend to take out 1 coins from his coin pouch, the child snapped the pouch suddenly and run away. Drakone chased at the back and finally reached to a dead end. Drakone saw an adult standing beside the child.

“Son, you have done well. Give back the coin pouch to this warrior.” The adult talked to the child. “I am the rich man here who felt life is boring. Every career of mine is handled well by my people. That’s make me feel bored. So I decide to have this game with you, warrior.

Take care of my farm outside the east of Iohoda city tonight. The corps are almost ripe but I am scared of the big mouse to eat them out. If you defend my farm well, I will pay you with some coins, directly send to your room. I could tell you it should be a gigantic mouse. So you better have strong attack and defense.”

Want some money more in future? Then see me often in future. I will send different people to the street to represent me. But for day 2 and day 3, they will use the password of …… (check my pm). Ok, that’ all, good luck!

A very good morning everyone

above my stall you could see many items which

I intended to sell to you. I will not

tell you how special they are, unless

you interest to know, then put a coin on the

pail that I prepared on that corner, then I'll

offer you something but I can't guarantee how good it is

Dominatrix intended to put a coin into the pail. The hawker then stopped her.

“Lady warrior, thanks for your kindness, I am just testing you. I am in fact an apprenticed wizard. Now let me randomly cast a spell so you are going to have a special ability in night 2. Let see…….

Dominatrix felt some gentle heat flowed to her body. When she opened her eye, the hawker seller (or the AW) smiled. “If you like to see me in Day 2 or Day 3, please remember, our password is…(see my pm, Dominatrix)

All right below is the result:

In Day 1

Magical Warrior visited by Anna, Seraphim, K-T, Puck and Drakone

Treasure Fairy visited by Dominatrix and Sombral

Trade Man visited by Legolas, Myrddin, Puck,

Experience Traveler visited by Zuchious and Anna

Boring Rich Man visited by Drakone, K-T, Sombral, Myrddin, Seraphim, Zuchious and Legolas

Apprenticed Wizard visited by Dominatrix

Nigh 2 began! Listen warrior:

For who meet treasure fairy, you have 3 options in night 2: Training, Attack others, or carry out the task. If perform the task, you will face bandit who will attack you too. So pm me also your attack strength if you choose that option. Other warriors could attack you too, beware.

For who meet boring rich man, you have 3 options in night 2: Training, Attack others, or carry out the task. If perform the task, you will face ‘big mouse’ who could attack you. So Pm me also your attack strength if you choose the option. Beware, other warriors could attack you too.

The others warrior, you have 2 options in night 2: training or attacking. Remember, PM me the target in the name of the player, not the warrior.

Remember, only 1 action can be performed in the night. PM me your action for night 2!

Good luck

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Sine a few of you ask me the same question, I think I should post this here:

How does an attack count?

Example 1:

Warrior A (or WA) is L1-H14-C0-E6, P1-Q10-PE11,

Warrior B (or WB) is L1-H8-C9-E5, P1-Q10-PE5

WA spend 8 HP to have 100% attack to WB, so 14-8 = 6 HP left, but 10 attack strength

WB face the attack, automatically have maximum defense he is able to do, which is spend 4 HP, get 100% defense, so 8 - 4= 4 HP left, but 10 defense strength.

WA attack WB, 10 - 10 = 0, damage and defense are equal.

WA status become L1-H6-C0-E12, P1-Q10-PE21 ====> improve attack level to P1-Q20-PE1

WB status become L1-H4-C9-E9, P1-Q10-PE5

But if in Example 2:

Warrior A is L1-H15-C1-E9, P2-Q20-PE0

Warrior B is still L1-H8-C9-E5, P1-Q10-PE5

WA spend 12 HP to get level 2 80% attack WB, so 15-12=3 HP left, but 16 attack strength

WB face the attack, automatically have maximum defense he is able to do, which is spend 4 HP, get 100% defense, so 8 - 4= 4 HP left, but 10 defense strength.

But when WA attack WB, 16 - 10 = 6, this 6 will then directly damage WB left over HP. 6 - 4 = 2. WB killed.

WA gain exp extra 50% because successfully killled WB

WA status become L1-H3-C1-E23.4, P2-Q20-PE24, WA evolved to become L2-H30-C1-E8.4, P2-Q20-PE24

WB was killed.

Can you see how does the attack, defense and the HP linked?

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Everything was soo calm in the City of Iohoda, when suddely...

...nothing happens <_<

There were some kind of peace treaty that I didnt get? :D

I will peace with you Renan. We can take everyone else out, and at the end, we will have our own battle to the death! :o

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Ok! After killing everyone else we´ll battle to your death! :D

Then I will resurrect, as a phoenix rises from the ashes. (of course, I only allowed my death to prove my superiority to you, having choosen you as a worthy right hand)

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I finally get all the pm in.

But too bad I am in a hurry to somewhere else where I can only back to you in 2 days later.

Sorry for have to keep you guys waiting for another few days

No hurry :P Enjoy wherever you are going!

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Night 2 Result – A Long Night

Legolas hid himself at one for the corner of the farm. He knew some warriors may be joining him tonight. But they were not his target tonight. The big mouse was!

A black shadow soon appeared from the west of the farm. The image grew bigger and bigger until Legolas finally could imagine how big the mouse it is!

“Good, as big as a kangaroo, easy target for me!” Legolas aim the big mouse for a few seconds then release the arrow. It hit the mouse. The monster quickly run towards Legolas location. The monster then used its tail to roll Legolas up. But the bind wasn’t tight enough. Very soon the bind got loosens and the big mouse collapsed. The arrow that Legolas relased just now actually hits its heart! Legolas successfully killed one!

************************* ************

Kat walked along the street way back to the inn. Her way was soon blocked a man who was bare-handed.

“You are….”

“Kat, don’t you remember me? I thought you keep saying my name is so familiar? Then you can forget about me?” the man turned around to face Kat.


“Yes! And prepare for this?” Puck ran towards Kat and gave her a punch. Kat used her weapon to defense the punch but still suffered a minor injury. Kat quickly jump to the second floor of the building near her and then ran into the room.

“Escape from my attack? I’ll see you tomorrow night again!” Puck then disappeared in the dark.

************************* ************

Sombral departed to the north exactly at the time when the tower clock rang twelve. The north breeze kept blowing to him but he did not scare. What he worried was the bandit that he might faced.

The journey was safe! Sombral very soon reached to the house where brother of Treasure Fairy stayed. He handed over the bag to the male fairy and left. Just he thought the journey way to Iohoda city was going to be safe as well, the bandit appeared!

The bandit swing his club to hit Sombral. Luckily Sombral jump a little bit fast so the damage to him was very mild. Sombral lower down his body and attack bandit’s leg. It worked. The bandit immediately kneed down due to the deep cut given by Sombral. Without hesitation Sombral give another slice at the bandit’s neck to end the baddy’s life.

Sombral happily rushed back to his room and notice the wooden box was opened. He looked at the item kept in the wooden box and said: “Not bad!”

************************* ************

Riranor missing his hometown and he took a way near the inn and kept looking at the starry night!

“I wonder how my family is. I hope they are ok.”

“They are ok, but I am not sure about you!” a voice from his back.

Riranor turned back and saw Myrddin standing behind him with his wooden staff.

“Myrddin, how come you…” before Riranor could finished his word, Myrddin already smashed a hit to Riranor. Riranor quickly took a leap and bounced back by the help of the wall. Just before Myrddin could make another hit, Riranor, with the weapon his used, helped him out of Myrddin’s attack.

************************* ************

Zuchious just arrived the farm when Legolas left with the dead big mouse. He thought he had missed the chance to gain some money. He made a turn and on the way to home. His path was blocked by a big creature – the big mouse!

Just before the big mouse attack Zuchious with his claws, Zuchious already rolled aside. He then run to the back of the mouse, jumped on it and give the mouse a great smash with his staff. The big mouse screamed before it laid down in the farm.

************************* ************

Kat used the back door to run out of the room she hid. The way back to inn is a few steps more. But she could not take any further step; the ground was full of flying darts stuck on the grounds!

“Who did this?” Kat wondered.

“Me!” when Kat look at the back, 3 flying darts was just on their way to Kat.

“Oh my..” Kat immediately used her weapon to perform defense action.

Up to no choice, Kat took a deep breath and made a long jump, she passed the flying darts on the ground and quickly ran back in to the inn.

“You are very lucky, Kat, but I am not sure you will have the same luck next time.” Drakone said

************************* ************

Legolas walked to the inn. Just the way he went upstairs to his room, woon called him. “Hey, someone want me to pass this to you.” Woon threw a little pouch to Legolas. Legolas caught and opened. After he looked, he replied woon with a smile. “Thanks!”

************************* ************

Zuchious went back to the inn. He walked to the bar desk and approached woon. “Sir, may I ask, has anyone….?”

“Here!” woon put a pouch of coins on the desk. Zuchious took it with him, and said, “Thank you and good night!”

************************* ************

All the warriors had gone to beds. What a long night it was!

Woon cleaned the glasses on the desk and walked to the notice blackboard. He then took a chalk and started writing on the board:

Warriors, beware! You have at least 1 Level-2 warrior among you already!

Owner to the inn: woon


1. GC

2. Dms172

3. Raeymond

4. Impervious

5. Izzy

6. Kat

7. ST

8. renan


10. Riranor

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Day 2

The warriors got up a little bit late this morning. But eventually arrived at the market and found the 6 NPC:

NPC A: I am so happy today. I would like to sing a song!

NPC B: Do anyone here ever sell any crown? I just want to buy one for my daughter!

NPC C: Name some words start with ‘y’? Eh…. Yoyo? Yatch, yin-yang, or yoga?

NPC D: Fresh vegetable sir! Ladyfingers, snow pea and Cucumber!

NPC E: Can you help me to count marble? I have 2 green marbles and 4 blue marbles in this box. How many red marbles do I have in the box?

NPC F: Stupid NPC E, have ever know how to count number?

Simple? So which 2 NPC you are going to choose in day 2?

For those who sure will meet the magical warrior for the second time, you can tell him your decision in your PM too.

For those who sure will meet the trade man for the second time, you can tell him what do you going to buy or sell, just name it in your PM.

Good luck

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Pretty excited about this game. :D For clarification, a player attacked does or does not receive exp?

Experience gained from training, effective attacking and defensing.

What is called effective attacking, as long as you able to find the target to attack, that counts effective. Put it in another words, as long as you don't target a warrior who is at the training (which you can't attack him), you will consider to have effective attacking.


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