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From the ends of the Earth my name is told

Where new land meets water and seasons are cold.

My looks are scarred with the lines of a story;

Of marriage and death and legends of glory.

I am but a branch from a proud family tree,

Or a standard of shame to stain history.

My tongue remains muted, but if closely you look:

The summary plot of an unwritten book.

Look to the sky to read a tall tale,

Now guess what I am,

It’s easy, don’t fail.

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Shakee is a good riddle writer. It's because it's not obvious that I bothered to guess. ;)

Thanks Grayven. They're fun to make up, but I have to be careful not to make them too obvious, as per the Check-please riddle. Word choice is crucial but I'm always keen to add a few hidden clues between the lines.

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