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terminator paradox


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you know when John's mom is gonna assassinate the guy who invents skynet in T2?

Well what would happen if she pulled the trigger and killed him.

I'll let you find out why it's a paradox.

unless, of course, I'm wrong

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more like

If he died, no skynet. then that dude, I think his name was Kyle, wouldn't have gone back in time and spawned John.

Mommy would have no idea about the future, and wouldn't kill mr. Skynet guy. Then skynet would be created, Kyle would spawn John, mommy would know the future, and would try to kill mr Skynet. So yeah.

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A causes B causes C causes destruction of A before it causes B......... yep causation has to give and if time is a truthful manifestation of the order of causation then time has to give. As objects are both near and far simultaneously in time both realities must be manifest truthfully to a perspective in time. That which is far in time will get compress into that which is near in time AND that which is near in time will expand over that which is far relative to each perspective. Depending on how separated these time points are if they are close they get near and near by the force of their connection or if they are far then they will get farther and farther away by the force of their separation. T'is the gravity of the matter. I hope I've over analysed this for everyone, good luck modelling that on a computer!

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