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“We’ve been here for two weeks! If nothing happened in two weeks why do you think that something might happen tonight?” Itachi was unwilling to spend one more day in a supposedly hunted house.

“I can’t explain it, but I have a gut feeling that there’s something in this house” said Andromeda pleading for couple of more hours.

“You can’t publish your “gut feeling”, can you Mulder?” Itachi was pushing Andromeda’s buttons knowing that he has the upper hand.

“All right Scully, you win... ” Andromeda has given up knowing that she can’t surpass Itachi’s stubbornness.

Itachi-san and Andromeda were ghost-hunter enthusiasts, well... Andromeda was hoping to finally prove their existence while Itachi was gladly debunking the “evidence”. They were investigating an early Victorian mansion in England. The old man that lived there passed away a while ago but the staff that remained in the house for basic maintenance was experiencing strange noises at night.

They were packing up their high-tech gadgets, when Itachi took a paper and a pen and started doodling something.

“What are you writing?” Andromeda was curious, “I thought you wanted to leave this place as soon as possible and now you’re writing a poem?” she smiled, but her smile soon turned into a frown because he wasn’t responding.

“Hey! Stop ignoring me!” Andromeda yelled.

“What?” Itachi dropped the paper and the pen he was holding just a moment ago (they both ended up behind him) and continued packing like nothing happened.

“Sometimes you can be such an ...” she refrained from finishing the sentence and asked him again “What were you writing?”

“Did you skip your pills this morning, I’m packing, what are you yelling at me for?” it seamed he was still in a bad mood.

Andromeda got up took the paper he was writing on and put it few inches from Itachi’s face “This paper!”










“Well apparently someone likes to travel, but that’s not my handwriting, besides I think I would have remembered writing this.”

“You have some ink on your index finger from holding the pen” Andromeda noticed with a grin, and then seriously asked "You are winding me up, aren't you?"

Suddenly the globe that was peacefully resting on the desk almost made a full spin and then plummeted, continuing to rock back and forth, causing our two adventurous ghost hunters to freeze in their posts.

“Maybe a short circuit...” Itachi was stretching, but Andromeda immediately put a cork in his mouth “There’s no cord coming out of the globe. Hey maybe we have woken up a hamster that was hibernating inside the globe for months and he made it move” Andromeda couldn’t withhold her sarcasm and burst into echoing laughter.

Itachi stood up and surprisingly asked “Do you think that it’s trying to tell us something?”

Andromeda was shocked by this sudden transformation “OK... I know that you said that you are willing to believe if presented with solid evidence, but this is weird.”

“Look...” Itachi sighed, “I’m not saying that there’s some abstract entity communicating with us, but...”

“Of course not” Andromeda rolled her eyes.

“But...” Itachi continued, “Who ever left this note and spin the globe needs our help, right? So let’s help by figuring out what this list means”

“Wow... we have to remember this moment, we both agreed on the same thing” Andromeda was teasing, but Itachi’s mind was already consumed by the list.

As he was spinning the globe and looking at the list an idea sparked in his brilliant mind.

“Could you hand me that pen please?” Itachi reached for the pen Andromeda was holding and started writing something on the paper.

Andromeda was looking over his shoulder “I would’ve never thought of that!” she exclaimed with excitement.

“It’s your turn” Itachi smiled ear to ear.

“OK...” she agreed, “But if there’s nothing in there, you’re the one cleaning up the mess”

What did the list say?


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Do these numbers help at all?

+10 Vladivostok (Latitude: 43° 7' 60 N, Longitude: 131° 54' 0 E)

-6 Belize (Latitude: 17° 28' 60 N, Longitude: 88 ° 2' 60 W)

+7 Singapore (Latitude: 1° 22' 0 N, Longitude: 103° 47' 60 E )

+2 Armenia (9° 13′ 15″ N, 46° 13′ 13″ E)

-5 Kingston (Latitude: 18° 0' 0 N, Longitude: 76° 47' 60 W)

+1 Oslo (59°56′58″N 10°45′23″E)

+7 Thailand (Latitude: 13° 45' 0 N, Longitude: 100° 31' 0 E)

+1 Libya (Latitude: 27° 36' 0 N, Longitude: 22° 34' 0 E)

-3:45 Suriname (Latitude: 4° 57' 0 N, Longitude: 54° 49' 60 W)

Some might be a little off.. the map I was using was crap..

Some of the numbers are good, but some of them are off... you must have the correct numbers

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does that have anything to do with it?

Vladivostok +10

Belize -6

Singapore +8

Armenia +4


Oslo +1

Thailand + 7

Libya +2

Suriname -3

all add/subtracted together equals 18

Yes all the numbers are correct now read the word and you're done!

:D 18 is not important! No math!
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Couple of things.

I know the feeling of hitting submit only to see the answer pop in right before you......ugh.

Next time please use spoilers for your answer too...

Welcome to the den.

ah well. got there in the end. yeh I'm sorry. will do from now on

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Numbers are the time zones of the cities and countries mentioned! :)

Vladivostok +10

Belize -6

Singapore +8

Armenia +4

Kingston -5

Oslo +1

Thailand +7

Libya +2

Suriname -3

“Obregonia, Obregonia, Obregonia...” repeated Andromeda as she was flipping the pages of a massive botany book.

“A-ha! Found it! I think I’ve seen one of these in the atrium” she contently smiled as she was pointing to the glass door.

Itachi and Andromeda went inside the beautifully arranged atrium that was bursting with colors.

“Oh... here it is, planted in a pot. Aren’t you gonna help, it has spines in abundance?” Andromeda looked over her shoulder. Itachi chuckled, “I was the medium, now you dig the medium.”

Andromeda instantaniously stopped digging, “You rigged the globe didn’t you?” she started throwing dirt at him.

“You’d be surprised what few coins, glue and a scotch tape can do!” Itachi couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sometimes you can be such an...” Andromeda was more amused than annoyed by Itachi’s mischief.

“I woke up earlier this morning I came to the old man’s study to snoop around and I spin the globe as I was passing it by. Heard some rattling, opened it and this paper popped out. I had no time to figure out what it was because I heard your voice...”

“Oh... but you had enough time to glue the coins inside the globe and attach some scotch tape to the frame” Andromeda squatted down and continued to dig, “I was wondering how come the ghost decided to give us the list and not the direct answer!”

“Oh... admit it, you felt “ghost” bumps when that globe moved” he was still amused with his successful prank when he saw Andromeda puling out a small transparent plastic bag out of the pot.

“Vuoala!” Andromeda jumped up waving with the baggie.

“Since you weren’t nice to me I get to read what the letter says” she said and pulled out the paper from the envelope.

“This is the old man’s will!” Andromeda dropped her jaw and immediately started reading “Blah, blah, blah... I leave all my possessions to the person reading these lines...”

“Give me that! Let me see!” Itachi took the paper out of her hand and started racing with his eyes over the paper... “I leave all my possessions to...” he looked at Andromeda waving his head and smiling, “...to my trustworthy staff!”

“Oh... admit it, you felt “ghost” bumps when I read that the money goes to the lucky finder” she laughed and stick her tongue out.

“Andromeda... sometimes you can be such an...” he didn’t finish the sentence. Itachi was content with the outcome of this ghost-treasure hunt, “In a way... we did communicate with the old man.”

“Perhaps, but I still don’t have my proof” as she said that the globe started spinning...


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awesome :D how do you come up with all of this?

Well this particular one... I was looking at the envelope from the bank, it had a small globe on it and then it hit me I could make a riddle with coordinates, but I've given up that idea since I wanted to make something more simple and thought of time zones, plus and minus and counting from the front and back and I used Wikipedia list of time zones. :)

And the ghost story - well Itachi and I had some misunderstandings regarding ghosts in the ghost thread in the others forum and decided to use that as a story! :lol:

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